Monday, October 24, 2011

Totally Sac (finally)

This is going to make Babs a viral video star.  Turn it up loud to hear the hisses.
I forgot to post this picture from when I was in Big Sur.  Went to Esalen again.  It's always so hard to stay up but it's so beautiful and relaxing when  you're there.
No big whoop.  I've been on a salad kick lately, and had this nicoise-ish salad with a Lagrein from Taylor's.
I made pretzel-coated chocolate caramel (or Carmel as I like to call them) apples and they were ok.  I actually had one for breakfast this morning.

I think you need to use special caramels for it to really be good . Werther's originals get weird and waxy.

I also made some cocktails with bourbon.  Lately I've been craving bourbon.  Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my rampaging alcoholism, it just sounds good, ya  know?
Bourbon and ginger beer in a Truman glass.
I had lunch at Bows on Saturday.  This is the salmon sandwich with the wine special of the month.
Then, because I read Submerge that they have  Temple Coffee at Devine Gelateria, I went there to get a cappucino.  That place seems pretty cool.  I don't eat a lot of gelato, but ricotta fig would be a flavor I would eat if I did eat it.
Saturday night was Dreamdate.  So good!  They're going to be back in 3 short weeks.  Now that Sonia's their drummer they're totally Sac.


Anonymous said...

Feel so bad for Devine that the old Sakurabono is going to be a gelateria/cafe, too. Nice one.


LZ said...

Miller's got a mean baby-talk.

Anonymous said...

I can't help it.


Anonymous said...

That salmon sandwich at Bows is so good! and I don't even like salmon. Magic!


word verification: 'mantard'- the joke writes itself.

beckler said...

he only talks to babs in that voice, not me.

beckler said...

well, all cats. it's magic. he's the cat whisperer.

Unknown said...

Bourbon? Get on the Bulleit Train!

Anonymous said...

I thought the hot cider and bourbon was even more delicious. What was that called again?

Anonymous said...

How was that Lagrein? Corti's has a wine I really liked from the same region, but it's a blend of schiava and lagrein: 2009 Mumelter St. Magdalener

I think it was about $15 too, so I'll probably go back for more.


Anonymous said...

The Mumelter is awesome!


beckler said...

the lagrein was pretty good. I gotta try that other bottle from Corti. I haven't been there in a while.