Thursday, October 20, 2011

not a sando

Phono Select is having a fun contest and giving away gift certificates to the winners! Check it.

Have you chipped in to RTL's Kickstarter yet?  They're about half way to their goal with 15 days to go.  BTW, I hear that the upcoming Knock Knock record is crazy good and packed with hits that will rattle around your brain.

Dreamdate and Nacho Business are playing on Saturday at Luigis.  Is Sonia the drummer of Dreamdate now?  I think she is.
 I'm a little bummed that my Big Sur pictures are not quite as good as I thought they were when I was taking them.  That may be due to the vast amount of Charlie Sheen that I smoked.  As a well known lover of yuppie enclaves and yuppie cuisine, I am always PSYCHED to visit the Big Sur Bakery.  That above is a ham and gruyere sandwich (NOT sando) with steak fries.  Yeah!  And they always have good wine and beer there.  They have a savory pumpkin bread right now that is the bomb.
 Then, dinner at Nepenthe, one of my very favorite places in the world.  All four of us there were in agreement on that.  This was a beet salad with pea shoots, citrus, and Pt. Reyes blue.
 This is the ambrosia burger, always good.  Paired with a glass of garnaxta, I think?  Is that just Basque for grenache?
That night was intensely foggy, which warmed it up a bit.  The patio looked unearthly and beautiful.


talkaboutcharles said...

Thanks for the shout out heckasac! If you have any inclination to buy the next RTL record, just donate 15$ to the kickstarter. Plus you'll get any other sacramento release of your choice! Really, it's just a way to advance buy the record. Also, if you donate 100 bucks you get every Sacramento Records release from now till forever! Four people have already done so (Matt Silver, Andy Bier, Jay Onyskin, Linda and Greg Luigi).

On a related note, the Knock Knock album will be awesome. They are picking the mixes as we speak! Sacramento Records is also putting that release out because of my new partner/not-so-silent investor Lory Gilpatrick.

We're hoping to have both of those records out by Xmas (sold exclusively at PhonoSelect Records)

Charles Albright

talkaboutcharles said...

I should also say, we release by the Pizzas, RAD, a split with Matt K. and Charles Albright, and Whiz Bang.

Lots of records, huh? Sacramento Records is also puting out two compilations of bands to help raise money for the label. We've been sequencing them and getting the liner notes together this past week. Once they are ready I'll post on Facebook and let everyone know what's going down!

It maybe ten years late, but Sacramento Records is going to do what it always intented to do: let everyone know about all the awesome unknow Sacramento bands!


yolkie said...

Hey Charles, put out my album. Also, write me some songs?

talkaboutcharles said...


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