Monday, October 10, 2011

I love a parade

I saw K.J. twice this weekend!  Once at Jose di Gregorio's art opening at Bows, and once at the Hispanic/Latino parade on Franklin.

Speaking of Bows, MidMo wine writer Michele Hebert will be doing a wine tasting and short lecture there tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm sharp.  Be there!  You'll get to taste a little wine, hear about it, and then if you like, you can purchase a glass.  You will probably like.

This is a great review.  I totally agree.

Parade pictures after the jump

 Here's a sideways asada taco I got at the St. Rose Church, which was having its annual festival on Sunday. It was really greasy!
 Here's a sope
 Here are a lot of crappy parade photos.  Enjoy!

 Beauty queen
 Ronald McDonald, who seemed like a chilled-out dude.  With some Trump hair.

 These pictures can't capture how grotesque the contorting "dancing" horses really were.  The poor things looked like they were about to drop dead, and were foaming and dripping sweat all over the street.  It was very upsetting.

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Anonymous said...

Kinda of a rainy Monday in the heckasac comment thread. People must have Columbus Day off work or something. Too bad. I had some really good Pynchon allusions lined up. But really, this weather is no good for the protests going on. Come on sun, come out for the young and idealistic.