Friday, April 06, 2012


In super boring news, my love affair with google chrome is over! It started to sour when I could no longer check my bank account on it, and today when I tried to sign into gmail I got a message that that website was not supported in that browser! They created the website.  Oh, google chrome, remember when you used to autofill everything to a ridiculous degree and now you autofill nothing even when I tell you to remember something.  You are too capricious, it's over.
 This cubano sandwich from Fat Face was really, really good. It maybe could use a little more tang.  One of my favorite things about this kind of sandwich is that it's supposed to have mustard on it.  Troy Mighty's art opening is tonight, so I might eat at Fat Face again!
Had to pick up Marie's for a meeting this morning.  I went with a coconut cake donut, an unorthodox choice for me.  Speaking of orthodox, happy Passover! I am actually going to a seder, like a real Jew.  I just picked up some kosher Israeli wine.


Matt said...

I just had Hank's Cubano at Dos Coyotes, and it was good too. They prepare it as a quesadilla with honey mustard on the side.

Shannon said...

I want that sandwich.

the Park Stranger said...

That sandwich look good. Nice photo.