Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 Mmmmmmmasullo.  This is a new lacinato kale salad he has.  Those little colorful bits are plant roots! There are micro beet greens in here and pistachios.  This salad is very rustic and chewy.  You will really get your fiber and vitamins for the day.  I liked it.
Here's a new-ish pizza with mustard flowers.  I can't really discern anything that they add to the pizza.  It's kinda like a Croque Monsieur pizza.

Did you know that the Lootenanny is this weekend? Starts Saturday afternoon at Darras' house.  Should be fun! Bands and really good raffle prizes. And you can pop over for a beer at Pangaea

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Anonymous said...

We have a keg of Dig! from New Belgium for the lootenanny. It's the last keg in town! Well it could be the last keg in town, I am not saying that it isn't because it might be.

Also the traditional PBR and shots of bullet. And pulled pork by Guido.