Monday, April 16, 2012

cool bros

Look at these cool dudez. Jason D., Smiller, and Masullo.  Can you tell Scott was on the yearbook staff? More post after the jump!

 I don't usually go to the mall, except to go to movies, so I had not yet seen Zuhg Life, although I've seen their van, emblazoned with "Zuhg Life" driving around downtown.  We went down there because they were having a Grateful Dead tribute day.  I cannot believe how busted the mall has gotten.  I love it! Keep it janky, Sac.  Here's one of the bands. I did not catch their name but it sounded a little bit like Hippy Foot.  The guy on the left is some kind of young jam-band prodigy.  Smiller speculated that the guy in the middle would be terrible to do acid with.  Too intense.  I'm sure the guy on the right has a bad-smelling beard.  You can't see the keyboard player (he was good) but he was the perfect skinny redhead with a ponytail.  He could not be doing anything else but playing keyboard in a band like this.
 Jerry watched over the gathering.  I don't like this depiction of Jerry.  He looks so smug.
 Here's the store.  There is not much to buy inside, except weed-related shirts and local CD-Rs.
 You guys probably already knew about this, but I had not yet seen the storefront where wacky guy Andy Swan is trying to break the Guiness world record for most elephants, if that record does indeed exist.  This is fucking crazy.  I need to start dropping off elephants.

 Look, my camera is putting a weird blue cast on everything.  David Paul, do not look directly at this doll. Avert your eyes!
 Sickk drawing from someone who clearly loves winged elephants.

 Here is the man himself. I'm not sure I would like to meet him, perhaps. Here is his website ( - I'm surprised no one else snagged this domain name), and holy fuck, here he is on The Gong Show in 1976.
 Went to Lalo's on Sunday.  It was so mobbed, we had to sit in that back area, which was fine!  I got the consomme.  So good! So much fat! Is it sheep fat or goat fat? Sheep I guess.  I love that habanero and onion salsa.

 Half a pound of barbacoa.  I tried to get panza, but they were out.  I have to go on Saturday next time.


Anonymous said...

Switch the white balance on your camera to auto or bright sun to get rid of the blue cast

beckler said...

Hey UC Davis grad peeps: the UC Davis mag pays $250 bucks for stories of your time at UCD. I just read one and it wasn't that great. You can find it online, it's called "Aggies remember" and it looks to be just a few hundred words.

beckler said...

you guys are boring?

a) remember Lisa Heyamoto?
b) this is sure to start a firestorm of controversy but here goes: Spalding Gray = totally overrated!!!

beckler said...

oops, I meant that as a statement. You guys are boring (today)

beckler said...

what? I can't find her articles archived on the bee website! Just one about Burning Man. Conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

I have been exciting all day. But in other work shirking ways, Real estate! Art Shows! Bike Rides! holographic tupac!

Agreed on Spaulding Grey. I always think I am the wrong age and gender with that one.

I have blocked Heyamoto out. Its all gone.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Heyamoto. Totally forgot! She commented here right?


Anonymous said...

I like lot of Spaulding Gray's stuff, but he did get a little boring towards the end. I sat in the front row when I saw him and a some of the spittle flying out of his mouth landed on my lip.
Thank you for giving me a safe place to tell that story.

beckler said...

wow, you saw him? that's cool. he seems like he was such a dick.

I'm really interested in the love triangle between him/that famous Wooster group theater lady (Elizabeth something?)/Willem DeFoe

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw "Monster in a Box."

Anonymous said...

I remember Lisa Heyamoto, big fan. You're talking about Spalding Gray, and we're boring?


Snufkin said...

I never saw anything besides Swimming to Cambodia as an assignment in my English 101 class. Pretty good, but I definitely wouldn't be interested in sitting through a lot of the confessional style pieces where somebody just talks about their life. Although John Leguizamo's stuff at least seems to be funny.

Grey actually spent some time living in Santa Cruz and was a regular at the cafe I worked at as a waitress. I can't say much about him as a performer or a person, but he was always a very polite/funny customer and a good tipper. Plus I did run into him on the street on time right before I graduated and he remembered my name and said hello to me and the friend I was with. The story about his family history of depression/suicide and how he ended up taking his own life because of post car-accident injuries and pain just makes me pretty sad having interacted with him a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Re: that photo: Wow. Just, wow.