Monday, April 23, 2012

California Poppy = the best

Could any state have a better state flower than the Cali poppy? I think not!  We went to Stinson Beach for the weekend. Love it! This is a brief little jaunt hike down to a rocky beach in Bolinas.

 Lunch at Cowgirl Creamery.  This sandwich had really soft mozzarella (Bellfiore) and wilted spinach.  What a brilliant idea for a concentrated green flavor on a sandwich! I'm going to copy it.  It also had some fra'mani salami.
 Chipotle chicken.  The bread was a good consistency so that the fillings didn't squish out.
 This is a crazy bottle of wine! It's a northern Italian sparkling wine made from the malvasia grape.  I loved it! Cider-y and it's sooo acidic.  It had a mouth-drying characteristic that reminded me of a lambrusco.  So food-friendly.
 I don't know that there will ever be a time when this does not make me laugh.
 Hit up the Marshall Store on our way home for oysters. 

Wish I had taken more pictures.  The Future Art Notables bike ride was extremely well attended. Here is the crowd gathering at the Verge.


FANS said...

Most Cali post ever.


The Armeniac said...

Dude, it was great to see some Cali poppies!!! BTW Reggae Monkey is now my FB picture, sorry!

beckler said...

rad! don't bogard the joint