Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Future Art Notables Bike Ride

 Do you guys know about the bike ride on Sunday afternoon?  It's organized by Future Art Notables  It's a fundraiser, and they will be selling drinks and snacks.  Here's the description of the event.  It starts at 4 at the Verge: Join FANS for an art bike ride through midtown! The ride will start at the Verge Center for the Arts and end at the Hideaway bar and Grill at 2565 Franklin Blvd We will stop along the way to photograph, sketch and admire cool midtown gems you may have previously missed! A little bit of history, a little bit of standing around, little bit of art and whole lot of loving Sacramento.

This event is a FANS fundraiser - help us complete our next project! We will be selling refreshments (beer in super secret this isn't beer cups) and snacks! (dontations are always accepted)

Come see Midtown in the best way - on bikes.

I checked out Nagato Sukiyaki, right across from the old Trader Joe's last night.  Remember when that was the only Trader Joe's and you had to drive out there to visit it?  Remember when you were into Trader Joe's? I totally was.  Nagato is super cool!  Old School! This is the beef sukiyaki, salty-sweet beef broth with yummy steak strips.  They have some unusual dishes there.  It's definitely worth checking out.


Zoso said...

You positive it's this Sunday? the fan site doesn't list a day/date.

FANS said...

Can't believe I forgot the date, updating it now.

Yes its Sunday.

Zoso said...

Thanks for the update. we are adding it to the Bike Month calendar

FANS said...

thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

I used to go to Nagato when I was a kid! Haven't been there since, but now I want to check it out. A Japanese patient of ours recommended it recently.


beckler said...

It's very cute. Didn't try any sushi.

jay said...

Ever tried Konyaku? That`s the rage here in Japan now. Mix it anything and it will taste like the thing you mixed it with.

In our kitchen shoyu and brown sugar seems to be the key for any broth like sukiyaki or nabe. Slow cook and let the flavors mingle.

It`s simple,tasty and easy to make.