Wednesday, February 05, 2014

do it!

Mother last night was great. I had the nutburger, which is really similar to the sunflower one. Heaven, since I rarely make it to the Sunflower. I also had the okra snack, which is awesome, and the deep fried  mushrooms, which taste and feel like oysters. Can't wait till they get beer! Then we finished it off with those motherfucking cookies of my dreams.

Don't forget the Tet festival this weekend! I hope the food is good, but if not you could always browse around and then go eat somewhere around there. Perfect time to go to the banh xeo place way south cuz you will be out of the intense zone. Try the baby clam dish I MEAN IT.

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beckler said...

my after hours on-call week ended today and I plan to get wuh-asted! Quietly. On a bottle of wine. With Scott. While eating ravioli.