Monday, February 24, 2014

"El Chapo" Guzman

Hmm...just got my blog stats for last week and my hits are way down. Guess that explains the not much commenting. Maybe everyone stopped tuning in during my repeat navel gazing about my writing or lack thereof. I don't think I will be engaging in that any time soon. It was nice to hear from the chef at block last night that he liked it. That alleviated my anxiety and he high fived me when I told him it got 1700 page views, partially cuz of haters. We did another preview of Blackbird and one of another place is coming up soon so stay tuned.

Why do people have to set classic plays in another time period? I saw a post-apocalyptic Macbeth that was a real stinker recently, and now Big Idea theater, which I really like, is staging The Merry Wives (another Shakespeare play - I've not heard of it) in the old west. It's just a distraction! Even setting it just in modern times would be better IMHO.

Have you guys hear about "El Chapo" Guzman getting arrested in Mazatlan. It's so fucked and I'm so scared for Maz. Their tourism was up over 10% this year after years of tourists and cruise ships staying away, mostly because of one Canadian tourist who got shot in the leg. The dude said he would go back even. Believe me, despite the drug violence NO tourists are involved. You would read about it. Doesn't mean it's not scary at times, and no one wants to be scared on vacation. To boot, it's Carnival in Maz this week (second biggest in the world). Great timing Mexican government.

Anyway, it's just another example of the government not caring about the people. They know it could bring more violence and jockeying for position between the cult-like and quasi-religious Knight of Templar (Michoacán) and the absolutely psychotic actions of the Zetas (Northeast). They are the ones who do that decapitating Breaking Bad-type shit for the most part, and they started it.

The governments response to the possibility of more warring is to say that they are going to strike harder than ever. I hate this. I am worried for my mom and her adopted hometown. People practically starve when the tourism goes away. Some of her neighbors can't afford school supplies or meals during the day. She tries to give them what she can.

My mom is really excited about Carnival. She signed her last email to me "love you and party on". I guess loving to party runs in the family. I inherited the party gene.


DJ Rick said...

I bought some narco-exploitation movies on DVD from a dude selling bootlegs in front a taqueria. If anyone wants to do a film festival, get at me.

Snufkin said...

I haven't had time to read the full story of his arrest, but it always seems like the big arrests don't really change anything. Whomever is at the top of a cartel or whatever group controls a territory, it just changes hands. I haven't been to Mmazatlan. But I spent a lot in places like Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, & Santiago. Which when I was there with friends visiting their friends who lived there, seemed like these very small, very safe and boring communities. During that period, people were more worried about political unrest because it was in between the period when Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas lost the mayorship for DF (we had a curfew and alcohol ban) and Vicente Fox being elected the first non-PRI president. Just some of the stories I've read about Zetas violence and retribution in places like Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, and Santiago are sickening and heartbreaking because they're towns no different than Sacramento.

Anyways, the narco-trafficking (and a friend who used to work in Chiapas and Oaxaca always tells me the better term is narco terrorism) is even more fucked up and scary than anything you could have imagined over the political violence because there's no clear sides or agendas. And the attempts to crack down on the drug trade in Columbia just moved that problem out of its borders and further north into places like Hondurus (where it's the M-13_ and Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I hate Shakespeare in the wrong era. Wasn't there a movie recently that was in a contemporary setting but the actors still spoke the original lines? I watched like 10 seconds of it because it was intolerable.


beckler said...

I think there was but I ignored it. It was directed by some tv guy, like JJ Abrams.