Friday, February 14, 2014

Tet! Tet! Tet!

I forgot my wallet at Lowbrau if that tells you what kind of night it was (fun). We had an SNR thing (this story is going to be AWESOME!) that went from 6-830, I bought a 23 dollar bottle of Logsdon Kriek (worth it) and then I was ready to bounce, but  then somehow I kept not bouncing and different people kept showing up and then I finally ordered food at like 1030 and at some point I left my wallet under a table inside. I'm pretty sure I'll get it back. If not my compulsive splitting up of shit in my wallet since I got robbed would mean I lost around 70 bucks and my ID, but I still have my atm and credit card. Hope it turns up.

Don't forget the Tet festival this weekend. Deets on foodways and I hope you are checking foodways. We've had good weeks the last couple of weeks. It's just gonna get better. We are really trying to recruit new writers.

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