Tuesday, February 04, 2014


And just like that my feelings about writing take a turn! I had the most inspirational night last night at Lowbrau. I met Ryan D. and Juli B. about the website and to shoot some stuff and do some interviews there (watch for a 2 part post this week and next week that is going to rule). I am very excited about some goings-on.

Juli writes for the SNR and now Edible and now Foodways (I hope) and she is a really awesome young woman. Smart as a whip. Ryan, is well Ryan (j.k. Ryan!) Then after some great brews and cocktails (nice gin cocktail whipped up for us and then a Faction Triple IPA) and snacks, Phil and Marilyn Eisenberg show up and inspire me again to hopefully be like them when I am their age. Always exploring and excited about something, not to mention cute as a button. They were excited about Yang's Noodles and said a Chinese friend took them. They said it was exactly like eating in China. They also love Mother and have been going all the time.

Then we went to 58 degrees to pick up two bottles of wine that the manager there had recommended to us as "Michele wines" which is pretty awesome if you know what that means. I had a weird and not so great flatbread (it was ok, it had a ton of wild mushrooms but didn't cohere as a dish) and a good glass of cab franc.

I also had a perfect Midtown morning the other day. Stoked on Sac right now as long as I block out facts such as the Kings throwing in 500,000 on a 150 MILLION DOLLAR streetcar project. What percentage is that? 3 percent is that right? I am also LOVING how NIMBY east sac is to stop McKinley Village. I hope it works. I could not make it to the meeting.
 On a brighter note, EH made these nachos for superbowl viewing snacks. CH take note.
On that same day, this is what I had for breakfast at Lalo's along with a Mamey liquado. Diet of champions!


Caroline said...


Jboggs said...

Writer seeks job, will blog for drinks.

Anonymous said...

Mamey sapote is amazing.

CG said...

0.3 percent

Anonymous said...

yo when you gonna make a podcast?


beckler said...

just what the world needs, another podcast!

maybe eventually. we are even talking offices for sacfoodways which would be really exciting. I can't wait to spend 9 hours without leaving my office at ucd and then go straight to my other office for two hours.