Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Outkast relevant?

Interesting post on "we eat so many shrimp" blog about the legacy of Outkast. Outkast are going the festival route this summer and there was a lot of talk about how young kids are like "who the hell is that?" and that they are ignorant. I agree with this post that they don't get played any more and that they pretty much never get shout-outs in modern songs that I've heard unlike the constant shout outs and homages that, for instance, Drake gives to old Cash Money. Makes sense cuz he's on it! 2 Chainz gives overt homage to "back that azz up" on "used to" and the boys even cameo in it. I've mixed this song into the Juvenile track to greate effect. Well as much as I can mix anything.

Listening to Speakerboxx/Love Below you realize how uneven it is and how it could have easily been one album. Didn't Pitchfork rate it the best album of the year one year? Bullshit. Big Boi still sounds relevant, however, and his solo stuff is underrated.

that said, they were hugely important to me at the time and I saw them open for lauryn hill before they blew up.

Speaking of, Heckarap tonight and maybe I will play this song. I did once and it killed as far as I remember. Things always get a little fuzzy when I'm djing. I get nervous and drink too much, plus I'm at the press for like 5 hours. DJ Swiftumz is guesting with deep Bay Area cuts.


beckler said...

I finished "the big payback". More crazy rap trivia: DMX's second album sold 750,000 albums in a week. Boy has the music business changed.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Speakerboxxx/Love Below, totally overrated and indulgent, Outkast were huge at the time it came out, and the album rode that wave. Also, it has some really great songs on it and some really terrible songs.

That being said both Aquemini and Stankonia are modern classics. Stankonia is a a little long (a common problem in the genre) but Aquemini is nearly perfect, I think Erykah Badu (also a totally underrated artist, Mama's Gun is an amazing record) had a lot of influence on the album and helped make it great.

I think they don't get a lot of love now because they don't really fit neatly into what rap music is today.


Cody S. said...

I'm no expert, but when it comes to Outkast one thing is for sure: when you're listening to music on shuffle, every other track that plays is one of their skits.

beckler said...

One of the other posts (or is it this one?) has a post in which he defends skits! he says they're an integral part. yeah, maybe on the first play! that's like listening to a comedy album over and over. even Kendrick's album was some wack skits.

Cody S. said...

Yeah, I remember, when iPods first became a major thing, reading and article about "The Death of the Hip Hop Skit." It's tough because I'm generally all for listening to albums as a whole, but yeah, after the first few times all those skits become so skip-able to me.

Natalie Rose said...

We eat so many shrimp is a great name for a blog, I think about iodine poisoning every time I even see shrimp because of sippin on some syrup. And dillon warning me of the danger for a few years.