Friday, July 11, 2014


Heckarap was really fun but we made about half as much money as last time which means it was probably half as busy. Go figure! I really don't know why it varies so much but now I have fun anyway. I try to just think more about playing a song that I think will sound good right at that moment. I mean, I read the crowd, too, but if I'm like "never be a g would sound sick right there but no one knows it" I will play it anyway. By the way, how fucking sick is this song AND it's a return from Project Pat. Unfortunately the video came posthumously to Doe B's death. Sucks. Why isn't this a huge hit?
The Verge grand opening party is Saturday at 7pm and you will get ANOTHER chance to catch the Heckarap team. More exciting Century Got Bars and Yarrow Slaps will be performing. There will be a bar and food trucks. The tickets are seven bucks.

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