Thursday, July 17, 2014

memories light the corners of my mind

Big doings in these parts. For one thing, as DB usually will remind me annually, the anniversary of Heckasac is coming up. Not just any anniversary the TENTH anniversary. Please bring me an appropriate gift made of tin or aluminum. It's on July 20th.
I hate to look up old heckasacs but here are a few things of note:
MH was the first commenter. My second post was filled with arena h8ting and Graswich-baiting. My fourth was a description of my "dirty 30" party in which I djed dirty rap and drank faux-sizzurp (the more things change the more they stay the same I guess).
Ten years ago I predicted the rise of beards and tie dye (I am just paging through the first few posts still) .  Let's just say I have forgotten most of what I wrote and I cringe every few seconds while reading it. Here's an interview of Charles!
omg this is kind of a goldmine! I rated olipom including a mention of Olivia:
The owner is very nice and was wearing a flamboyant orange dress that appeared to have had a previous life as a shower curtain. All this, and a pomeranian with a broken leg that gave me a half-hearted tail wag but no real love.
Handicapped Dog-C
oh man, there is some really racy stuff. I have to stop now!
My highest year of posting by far was 2005, in which I wrote 837 posts. I believe that's the year smiller and I started dating, pretty much the happiest year of my life. I posted 123 times in October of that year!!!
I know I have posted this picture before, but it remains one of the funniest things I have ever seen:
In this one you can see the tree better:
review of the 2005 Halloween show, including a note that I drank a diet Sparks
The Mac ripped it up, the girl who sang for Heart (Amber!!!) took everyone by surprise, Heckamax was definitely the MVP for the night and somehow managed to expertly channel both Robert Plant and Sting, I was quite attracted to Heather dressed as Phil Lynott especially because of the package (sorry Mike you know she looked hot), some members of Oasis got a little too in character and took the piss out of everyone (did I just use that slang right?). Favorite moments and acts, everyone? Let's get this thing started out right today, it's gonna be a loooooong week.
oh man, DB and I used to write dueling movie reviews (I forgot that!) and he has always been a super funny writer. This is when we were still roommates. hahaha "every scene looks like a Gatorade commercial"
NH-this answers the question of how I got two copies of R. Kelly's TP3 Reloaded- I got both for my 31st birthday!
I print a bunch of Roadhouse quotes and joke about having a baby and naming it Roadhouse 2 - a name I probably suggested at a recent baby shower.
Bought a cell phone in summer 2005.
Anyway, I could go on. The things that are surprising me is how little and how much I seem to have changed and that I have  known some of my friends longer than I thought.



Anonymous said...

Wow, I completely forgot about those, too! I started The Barnesyard about a month after that review of The Island, so I think it must have been the catalyst for me to jump off of your jock and start my own blog. Congrats on 10 years!


gee whz said...

In my opinion, Dan is the best writer of any of us. For instance, this made me fall of my chair.

Congratulations on the anniversary! I think the first hecasac post I read was the interview with Charles.


Anonymous said...

"having a baby and naming it Roadhouse 2" had me rolling