Monday, October 16, 2006

boooring sorry new posts because although I had a very fun weekend, it mostly involved cooking and watching Caligula and who wants to hear about that? Cooking tip: if you are making cranberry sauce at home (it's fun! the berries explode!) put in some orange chunks, orange zest and chopped ginger. I know, you're snoring.

So I have been hearing about this market in ads on the radio and they make it sound like a new Denios. Has anyone been there? It's only been going for a couple weekends. I think it's really funny that a comment on the article is "get your damn kids off your commercials" because the Chevy dealer guy that started the market has annoying commercials that his kids are in.

A sac band is kinda making it big lately, I think I've mentioned them before, they're called Bright Light Fever. Listen to some songs here.

I'm going to see the U.S. vs. John Lennon tonight but no way will it be as good as Jackass 2. There were actually quite a few similarities between Caligula and Jackass 2 but I won't bore you further by going in to them here.


armeniac said...

Maybe you should put up some pictures of hot ladies during these slow blog days.It'll liven up the site fr sure!

The Terri Garr Appreciation Society said...

Yes, we need more Terri Garr! We linked to some Star Trek shots of her. There's some ads she did for an underwear company, but the slack jawed Star Trek photo is the one we love the bestestest.

candcblogfactory said...

Hey! You can stream the whole album before release here: Thought you might want to know.