Wednesday, October 24, 2007

franzia white zin?

Everyone and their sister knows about the Bananas show this friday, right? It rules that there are so many good bands on the bill, however it sucks that there are 4 of them. Too many! I think the Coconut Coolouts are touring with Nice Smile, so that's why they're playing. I heard that the Bananas might play first.

MD posted something about wine on his "food" blog (surprise) about the rankings of wine ordered at restaurants and after the nasty, nasty list of the top ten there was a sad, tragic, heartrending, tearjerking fact :

Overall, chardonnay easily was the most popular varietal at restaurants, accounting for nearly 43 percent of sales, and 41 of the 105 wines in the magazine's complete list\

why people, why? free your palates! you can't even chalk this up to cost because there are so many affordable and delicious whites on the market


Cody said...

The Four Eyes are playing a Halloween party at my place on Saturday. Hopefully around nine. Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Here's a totally off subject comment from KLJ.
I am compiling photos of wheat pastes, stencils and other street art that I take with my camera phone as I walk about town. I have tons more to put up, but would love to have other folks send me any good ones they find.
Is where they can be found or click the KLJ that I attribute this to, I'll link it to them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, plan on sticking it to Cody by wearing a costume. Who's with me?