Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It makes me sad that no one is even going to guess about the source of those black and white screen grabs. That is from the 2000 loft Halloween show theme "no U.S., no U.K.". That's the amazing Bushwick Bill puppet on the bottom there.

The Head needs some help, she wants to know where she can get her 1980 Honda Express moped fixed.


leon said...

Oh yeah...that's the year I didn't go.

archbishop said...

Try asking at Flat Spot next to Olipoms or go to the guy at Alhambra and H. Cycle Tune, I think it's called.

I've heard if they Cycle Tune guy thinks you're going to fuck him around and/or you seem like you don't care about your bike, he won't work on it.

Anonymous said...

The guy at Cycle Tune was actually a total dick to me. At first he said he wasnted a three hundred dollar deposit and I said no problem. Then it turned in to him basically telling me it was a waste of time because by bike was "too old"

The flat spot is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

if Flat spot doesn't work out, try Barber Shop auto on 18th between k and L. they do all sorts of sickles and scooters in addition to cars.

what's wrong with it?

Anonymous said...

Finally I can comment again,
Anyway. I am not sure whats wrong, due to my mechanical shortcomings. I looked at the manual and the moped Army msg board and I am pretty sure the Carberator needs to be cleaned, the air filter it has is the wrong kind just sort of jammed on, I found out where to get the proper filter and parts right around the time the bike died. Either that or the points. But I am scared to break it worse, If someone just walked me thru the process that would work great.
I was tricked since the last time it broke it just needed some duct tape, but not this time.

Thnaks for the suggestions.