Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brad Paisley, Nine Inch Nails...Knock Knock?

yes! This letter in the news and review is so rad:

Griffith's good suggestion
Re “Who’s there?” by Jackson Griffith (SN&R Trust Your Ears, January 3):
Thanks for the story about Knock Knock. I went to The Beat and picked up their Girls on the Run CD. Very enjoyable; this from a 55-year-old who listens to everything from Brad Paisley to Nine Inch Nails to opera.
I especially enjoyed “I Was Born.” I hear overtones of Roger McQuinn and the Byrds. If they put a 12-string Rickenbacker guitar on a couple of the tracks it would flush out the sound to be very Byrds-like, but with a pop-punk sound. Where are they playing live next? Good luck to the band!
Bob Aldrich

Bob Aldrich, sir, you are the best!

Don't forget that CD release show this saturday at Old Ironsides. Since it's Old I, the sound will be very good, the beer will be very bad.

Also, KW reviewed Udupi.


Anonymous said...

I think he could be the new KK super fan.

Anonymous said...

That guy totally made my day with that letter!

-H. Conway Esq

Anonymous said...

Who's Brad Paisly? I love the Byrds! I hate Old Ironsides beer! Worst beer in town? It has to be!


cody said...

Brad Paisly is a modern country singer. My sister likes him, so I'm pretty sure he's lame.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've heard of the song title "I want to check you for ticks?"

-H. Conway Esq

Anonymous said...

Really? If you're telling the truth, Conwad, then I like Mr. Brad Paisley. Honest songwriting. That's what I admire.


beckler said...

is he the "i'm so much cooler online guy"? now, that's some honest songwriting. i think you all know that I'm way cooler online. that's why i sometimes wish that jesus would take the wheel because that's when you find out who your friends are. or if only my future self could write a letter to my past self telling me the smart things to do. but thank god for cowgirls, right? oops, i mean, who's brad paisley?

Anonymous said...

another blogger, blogging about Knock Knock:

He says they're a new band in town!

--Heckamad (the Maxwell sister)

beckler said...

well, they're new compared to tesla.

Liv Moe said...

cut him some slack. he was the dude in the purple velvet zoot suit and Sacramento Kings plush top hat passing out beads at the T Day bike ride. he's down.

Anonymous said...

Beckler, the flame of new country burns bright inside you. It might be time for a move to Nashville.

-H. Conway Esq.

beckler said...

I just got excited thinking that we can listen to new country in the rental car in San Diego this weekend. Also, me and smiller can work on the lyrics to our new country hit, "Can I email grandma in heaven?"

beckler said...

or how about a song that contains a play on the iphone, like where the singer says he doesn't have one of those but "itractor, isquaredance, ibeer on the weekends". i'm just riffing here.

or like

myspace is myfarm,
that's how I keep my kids from harm
i don't google, i knock
don't use wiki
just the Good Book
i don't have friendsters,
I have old friends,
this high tech stuff's
just a dead end

ok, that's too rhyme-y but it's still a surefire hit in the right hands. paisley can really show what he's made of on the "old friends" line

Dani said...

New Country had me at Trace Adkins and his genius hit "Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk."

jay said...

Brad should come to Kumamoto for Counrty Gold.Charlie Nagatani is a kumamoto legend with a bar called good time charlie`s with sawdust on the floor.That`s what I hear as I haven`t stepped in there cause of a pricy table charge.But I do have his cd and it has some Buck Owens influence old time country feel.The pabst was bad when I worked there back in the day.It used to be a buck fifty..How much for one now?Stick with bottles at Old I thou a tad pricy there hella cold and tasty.How much for a knock knock cd shipped to japan??Make it two for the cd indie bar that gives me free things.Is more later byrds like radio sweetheart?? or early byrds like eight miles high???

Jackson Griffith said...

That was a cool letter. I'm not a real Brad Paisley (or modern country) fan, and the same goes for NIN. But it's cool that guy was intrepid enough to try something new and local, and it's sweet that he liked the album enough to write a fan letter. As for blogging the grid, I believe the writer is a certain well-known former denizen of 21st and Q.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

To get a CD to Japan you should go to the Wilde Records website. I'm pretty sure it is