Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jack with a beard?

I am TRIPPING on that last episode of Lost. It ends in such a depressing way that I actually felt sad the next day. I can't wait until the new episodes!

Here's some non-TV related news, there is a must-see show in Davis on sunday. The Mantles and Yellow Fever at Delta of Venus.

How did the knock knock show go? Were there lots of people? Were many CDs sold? Liv has a sick-ass clip of the show on her blog.


Natalie said...

That episode blew my mind.
I would ask a specific question, but now live in fear of being the spoiler.

The knock Knck show was super good, as always

Anonymous said...

Knock Knock is hip with the under one crowd. That clip made Matea smile.


Anonymous said...

Hey heckabeck,

Knock Knock went great -- we have officially paid off Wilde Records mogul, Alec Roberts. He did tell us we were going to make him a lot of money.

Jackson G wrote a nice review of the show and called Mike R Mike a star. I'm a little upset because Mike earned star status through hate speech against Yubans. However, we all know that the real star of the show was the chant "Ghostbusters 2" which, lest I need to remind you, was initiated by a Yuban. I guess we're not all that bad.