Thursday, April 10, 2008

ask a mexican to go away

Liv Moe is having a reception for her solo show at Sac State tonight, from 6-9 If you can't make that, she's doing it again next thursday.

I can't tell you how bummed I was to see that the cessation of the "Ask a Mexican" column in the SNR was an April Fools Day joke. It's back. It's terrible. It's repetitive. It's not funny.

I can't find it right now, but did anybody catch that cartoon of Kevin Johnson and Heather Fargo boxing from last weeks SNR? There was a joke about Heckasac in it that even I didn't get.

Oh yeah, the Bananas are playing at the Bottom of the Hill tonight. Last show before they leave for their big world tour.


Anonymous said...

I took that cartoon to mean that heckasac endorsed Fargo over Johnson and therefor gave a point to Fargo because a heckasac endorsement is better than the web endorsements Johnson got.

-H Conway Esq.

beckler said...

yeah, that's what it seemed like. i def did not endorse fargo. i'm taking a wait and see attitude. i want to hear her position on showering with teen girls.

smitty said...

Punishment for not enjoying the lovely Ask a Mexican.

I'll be sure to put a KJ sign on your front yard. Wait, am I kidding?

I'm also looking for Hindi, Cantonese and Mandarin lessons, so if anyone wants to meet for drinks or dinner, let me know. India in May then China for the Olympics, I think.

FFT said...

i thought you were a huge Fargo donor? dude, my sources, my shitty sources ... :)

... but seriously, inasmuch as i dislike fargo, i take her in a ny minute over kj.

estoy de acuerdo, no me gusta "preguntar un mexicano"

which is why 15 min. will be back this week, in a new "form." u heard it here first ...

Anonymous said...

smitty-what event are you competing in? -Ed C.

smitty said...

Drunken Douchebaggery. I'm a sure thing for the Gold!

Anonymous said...

i am putting money on you in vegas right now. you better win.