Monday, April 14, 2008

halloween show

Wow, man, what a long strange weekend it's been. I ate too many gooballs before the show and I ended up barricading myself in my room on friday night and not coming out until this morning just in time to make it to work. I won't bore you with the details of the visions I had, I'll just tell you that they were a major bummer. So I missed the Halloween show, but my friend, Sunshine Daydream made it. She looks a lot like me only she's really irritating, so you may have noticed her. She took pictures for me.

Here's Linda Rondstadt and her lovely backing band and singers.

Next up were Hall and Oates.

Here's the hardworking backing band. Is that the doodah man there on the left? Nah, I don't think he had arrived yet.
They performed there hearts out, but the set was sadly cut short because of Daryl's (I just had to google which is which) chronic Lyme disease. Tragic.
Next up was Carol King. I wonder what James Taylor is saying right now. Probably something assy.

I would think that picture was cute if I didn't know what an asshole James Taylor is.
The doodah man introduced Toto, who were a surprise hit. Well, they were a surprise to me, because I didn't realize how many grammy winning songs they had

When Toto was done, I wished that I had a grammy, so that I could award it to them.
There's the mischevious doodah man. He probably just secretly dosed someone at the show

Next up: The Doobies. Dooby is one of my least favorite words ever. Here's Michael McDonald.
And here's uh, the other guys in the Doobie Brothers.
What's the doodah man up to now? He probably just blew that guys mind.
Here's the band we were all waiting for, The Grateful Dead. For the set, the doodah man somehow magically transported us all the the Pyramids. Thanks Doodah man!
Here's Jer Bear. Looking good.
True story, this doodah man picture somehow uploaded to this post three times.


Anonymous said...

Grossest things found during cleanup:
half a vegan wrap and Jerry's hair.

Best thing found:
a whole sheet of acid, man!


josh said...

fuck those pix made my brown eyes blue.

would have killed to be there.

p.s. the rondstadt singers are hawt!

doob doob doob

Anonymous said...

Another haloween show sucess, who knew we could pull it off again.
And yes I mean we, I may not have actually produced anything, but my shouting of lyrics is fantastic.
Except the dead, you just feel that


Alice said...

best hippie party i've ever been too. it was sort of like what i wish being a hippie had actually been like back in the days when i actually was a hippie.

Anonymous said...

That was a long, strange trip man! As seen in one of the pics, the Doodah man sliped something in my Modelo. My mouth stayed like that the rest of the night.
Fun, Fun, Fun!

smitty said...

Fucking hippies. Can't tell the guys from the girls.

I've got 38,200 songs on my iPod. Looking to trade. I'd like some X, Ramontures, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones, other neat film scores, surf and local stuff. Oh and Neutral Milk Hotel.

I've got punk (of course), old blues and country, and funk which I thought maybe I'd learn to love but nope, not yet.

Anonymous said...

Smitty's Song Count:

38,199 - Angry Samoans
+ 1 - Pick Up the Pieces

Don't give up the funk just yet, Smitty...

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...


Big thanks to Guphy, for which the long strange trip last Saturday would not have been possible. What's the theme for next year? DP says 8o's pop.

-Al heckamax bobby weir

Anonymous said...

If it's 80's pop, we're doing the Dead!


Anonymous said...

I like 80s pop. I also like the theme "The Four Eyes". I already bought my Austen Powers costume.


Confidential to heckamax: You are correct, "The Saga Begins" is not the best Weird Al song. It's a bit clunky. I don't know what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

Some suggested themes: country, obese, suicide, latin grammys.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of Tad and Mamma Cass jokes in the wings.


Anonymous said...

I just want to play guitar for Mountain.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

By now you probably know that American Beauty came out in 1970 & you owe Jerry $5.


Anonymous said...

I just want to play guitar for Mountain.


Sounds like a geography theme is in order.

Anonymous said...

Nantucket Sleigh Ride!


beckler said...

yeah, not to get all soriano on your ass, but i think 80s pop is too vague. i just accidentally first wrote "89 pop", maybe that would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

How about "Reggaeton"?


Anonymous said...

How about Smooth 80s?


Anonymous said...



Liv Moe said...

I second Michele's motion!

Cody said...

Sacramento bands. Or punk rock. Or country. I call Bocephus.

Anonymous said...

how about the four eyes as the naked eyes?

Anonymous said...

What about Soul, R&B and Country; New York bands; or Underground/Outsider Music?


Anonymous said...

What assy things was James Taylor saying?

-- Patrone

Alice said...

i'd dig R&B.