Thursday, April 24, 2008

sniff and quaff

Michele, who writes wonderfully about wine for Midtown Monthly, has just launched a wine blog! I buy most of my wine from her recommendations, so if you are interested in unique, scintillating, and intriguing wines, check it! It's also linked to the right.


smitty said...

Not wine related, but people have been asking me if the Friday party is still on since India has been pushed back. Yes, it is! It's still Mike R Mike and Shalome and Alice and Sharda's birthday (and Tim/Liv's and Keri/Aaron anniversary and a week after DeeAnn's bday and a week and half after Willie's bday). I hope to find out when I can go to India at my neurologist appointment tomorrow.

Liv Moe said...

yeah, yeah, yeah!!! (to the wine blog and the party that is...)