Tuesday, April 08, 2008

let the music marinate your mind

Heckasac will now be switching to an all Grateful Dead format to get everyone prepared for the Halloween show. There are a lot of great videos to choose from, but I chose this one for today because Pigpen sings and because it illustrates how they can take a soul classic and render it into a toothless jam.

It's funny how many Deadheads will claim they were at the show at the Pyramids. I'm skeptical. Weren't there only a few hundred there?

If you're wondering what the right state of mind is for the show, here's a quote from a 1978 letter from a Deadhead to the band, as reprinted in the Grateful Dead handbook:

"The Atlanta concert was the first time I ever let the music make love to me, caress my body and stroke my soul; the first time the music let me crawl into and explore all its sides; dive in it, leap out of it, swim around in it; then use it as a catapult to a starlit sky where electric neon angelfish fly by night and the music marinates your mind till there is none of you left at all...and you're free to scamper the universe."


Anonymous said...

Scamper the Universe!

oh lord!


Jerry said...

Far out.I remember that letter, man. Bobby was diggin' it real hard, man, really felt the vibes comin off it.You know how he gets,too much brown, man, too much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry,

Wow! How'd the fans know our jam after Truckin' was intended to marinate your mind? I guess its just another example of cosmic consciousness. Speaking of, heckasac, can you please bring some falafel for the parking lot?

All who wander are not lost,

Charles said...

Last chance to bid on some dude selling a Nar record:

Anonymous said...

Oh, shit, The Dead are covering Black Crowes! cool!

beckler said...

I will be selling vegan wraps in the parking lot. They cost a dollar, or two dollars if you want me to wash my hands before I make it. I'll also be selling nitrous balloons and acid. It's two dollars a hit for the bunk acid and three for the real stuff.