Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Did you guys catch this item buried at the end of Bites about Kevin Johnson meeting with Sac's gay and lesbian community and saying that he thinks marriage is between a man and a woman? That's lame! I hope he gets grilled about this during his campaign. Sacramento is a gay-friendly town and we need a gay friendly mayor.
And let's not forget this super weird story. This is a lengthy article that still fails to shed a lot of light on the whole showering with a teen thing. The impression I walked away with is that he is one weird dude.


Anonymous said...

Who knew someone could actually make me feel warmly for Heather Fargo?
A KJ campaign staffer called me the other night and asked:
"Can Kevin count on your vote for Mayor?"
I said
"Actually I have very little idea "how he feels about ideas that are important to me"
She Said:
"He is supported by the police"
I said
"Not really important, how about development in downtown?"
Her answer was
"that will be on the website"
"I don't know, soon"
she got angry, and I said goodbye.

a good start.


Anonymous said...

keep stumping for heather

she needs all the help she can get

Eric said...

Wow. Thanks for that link.. and thanks for your opinion. The more I hear about KJ, the more I plan to vote for Heather Fargo.

Liv Moe said...

funny, the police aren't often called out to direct traffic at "secret" events.

smitty said...

The more I've seen Heater in action, the more I'm willing to vote for anyone else. I really don't like how the city council steamrolls clubs and nightlife so I figure an ball player might be better.

beckler said...

read some of the stuff the news and review is reporting, though. what about how he called second saturday "sacromento's best-kept secret"? i don't think he lives in the same sacramento you and i do. the mayor doesn't really either, but she's closer.

smitty said...

If only there was a way of electing Ground Chuck. Then life would be good for everyone.

I don't like that Sacramento is using eminent domain for business. That blows. I would actually rather have Soriano on the city council boxing ears to keep people inline. Would he be capable of his witty cynicism of the council for good use? I don't see how he could be worse.

NBAfan said...

If you are a one issue voter and gay marriage is your issue then KJ is not your candidate! It is well known that he is an evangelical Christian. I’m surprised that he is not a Republican.

I read the Phoenix article that you linked to and I am perplexed about something mentioned there. How is it that Kevin can be naked with the girl in his bed and shower for a significant length of time yet he does NOT have an ERECTION? Did you catch that? Don’t you find that strange? I remember hearing whispers that some people thought Kevin was gay because he never hung out with any women as a player. Is there something to this?

In the 90’s, he placed an ad in Ebony or Jet advertising for a wife. He said he didn’t like the morals of fast women found around the NBA so he was looking for attractive candidates who had ‘better’ values. He hired a secretary to sort through the hundreds of letters and photos he received. I’m serious. He did this. Now forty-two, he is still single? Was he ever married? I don’t think he was, but I am not sure. Lots of strange things here…

Could it be that KJ is attracted to men but his strict faith prohibits a same sex relationship and all this weird stuff is bubbling up to the surface? Somebody should investigate this more……

beckler said...

wow, that's some wild speculation! i like it. hmm..why shower with teen girls if it doesn't get you off? water conservation?

lUIS said...

Vote for Shawn Eldredge!! He doesn't even want your money to fund his running for Mayor, just your vote.