Monday, April 07, 2008

spring break 2008, puzzles, whales, and bigfoot

First off, I am not accepting any blame or credit for any of the Sammies nominations. I was just following orders.

Here's some video of the Bananas performing their new hit single "Radioaction" at the Stickerguy anniversary bash. They rocked it, and Scared of Chaka was also amazing! I never saw them back in the day. No Bunny did their thing well, but I didn't like the Spits very much. They have a big, boneheaded sound. Like caveman rock. I prefer my rock more intellectual.

Then I went to Big Sur, which Henry Miller and I agree is the face of the world as God intended it. The first day I was perfectly happy to sit on a rock for three hours and watch the sun go down. That's the view from inside my parka. There were porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, gray whales, jellyfish, and more. Not bad.
This was the Stiping spot near our campsite.

Proud and majestic fern.

After Big Sur we stayed Felton. The Bigfoot Meseum in Felton was pretty darn sweet. Don't get that guy talking about bigfoot, though. He'll talk your ear off!
Eerie view in the Santa Cruz mountains. There's a Bavarian restaurant in Felton that I HIGHLY recommend, called the Tyrolean Inn. Fresh German brau and sauerbrauten. Yum! And the servers wear the boob shelf things.
After that we stayed in a house on the beach in Santa Cruz. There was a lot of puzzling. Ceviche was made from a perch caught from the sea! It was really one of the best things ever.

More puzzling. This puzzle was no "tender ministrations", but it wasn't bad.

This blog post took me an eternity to put together. Jeez!


Anonymous said...

My friend John says the the Spits are the best band that ever was. He isn't usually so stupid.


Anonymous said...

Listen, I highly recommend talking to the man at the Bigfoot museaum in Felton. Did he tell you about the time he saw a juvenile Bigfoot wearing a T-shirt? He sure told me. Awesome.


beckler said...

I don't think people who like the Spits are stupid. I just didn't like them that much. Especially in comparison with the rest of the bands.

The bigfoot guy also enlightened us about the hobbit skeletons that have been discovered. I heard that Bigfoot is really just a huge hobbit.

Anonymous said...

Big Sur is god-awesome. Hell, I helped scatter someone's ashes there once (they naturally were also a pretty big fan).
But Humboldt County's got it beat when it comes to giant banana slugs and bigfoot sightings.
-Stephen Glass

Anonymous said...

Oh I am not saying that liking the Spits is stupid. I like 'em OK. I am saying that The Spits are the best band of all time is stupid. Especially when you are getting in Matt Robert's face and trying to get him to agree. Stupid and pretty funny.


Jeff M. said...

I'm going camping in a couple weeks, but I don't know where yet. I didn't think of big sur. Did you camp at the state park? Any recommendation?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, if you can't get into Big Sur, you might try Big Basin. It's not on the water, but it's pretty heavenly.

Good to have you back B! Seeing the beautiful pics only partially inflames my anger over missing out. Did Esalen smell terrible?


beckler said...

Esalen either did not smell as bad this year, or because I was prepared for a bad smell, it was pleasantly subdued. It was very pretty. I saw two falling stars.

beckler said...

I bet the camp spots at pfeiffer big sur are probably pretty cool. we camped at julia pfeiffer burns sp.

Anonymous said...

thanks becky, the camping ruled..


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who caught a cold? Must have been the margaritas. Or some whale rider disease I picked up while whale riding.

Anonymous said...

I started getting a cold the next day - woke up with a terrible sore throat - but I fought it off for the most part & mainly just blew my nose a ton for a few days.