Thursday, April 17, 2008

picnic day

Do you guys know about picnic day? It's on saturday. I've never been, but there are a ton of intriguing sounding things going on, such as weiner dog races and bands playing all over the place. I'm going to go this year, but because it's in Davis, I'm worried about parking. I'm thinking maybe I will take my bike on the train?

There are a couple of events coming up in Dixon soon. Are you like me, in that every year you remember Pin A Go Go as being in June, so you miss it every year? Well, it's in May. May16th-18th, specifically. Also, the Dixon May fair is in early May, but they haven't updated their website so I don't have much more information. ZZ Top and the B-52s are playing on different days this year, and there's a demolition derby, too.

OK, and it's not until may 31st, but a very exciting show is coming up. This Irish pop band called So Cow (give a listen to their songs on myspace, super good), No Bunny (see youtube video above) and English Singles at the DAM house! Great!


The Armeniac said...

I'm really glad excessive weirdness is in vogue. What's the point of being weird if yr not showy bout it?Everyone should check out MOM if they can,wonderful weirdness.

beckler said...

MOM, what's that?

i forgot to mention that butterscotch is scheduled to perform at picnic day. for 15 minutes!

Heather K. said...

Picnic Day is really fun. Parking will be a nightmare, so taking the train is a really good idea.

April said...

It's too late to tell you this now, but you can always ride your bike to Davis then take the train back. My boyfriend and I biked there yesterday and it was really fun. I managed it fine on my 1-speed cruiser, though it took about an hour and a half. A different bike would be faster, obvs.