Tuesday, September 08, 2009

you just might be in Portland

Just flew back from Portland and boy is my jaw tired...from all the good food! It was a nice little vacay, although by the last day, we were making Jeff Foxworthy-style jokes with the theme "you just might be in Portland". Like: If your popsicle is "local, sustainable and organic"....you just might be in Portland! That's a true story by the way.

Pictured below is the legendary pickle plate from Kenny and Zukes. Those are fresh zucchini picles on the right, which were my favorite out of the selection of 5 kinds, including green tomato pickles. The reuben made me so full that I could barely eat dinner over 8 hours later.
L and E, who were also kind enough to ferry us to and from the airport, recommended Cafe Broder and I loved it! I can't get enough of Scandinavian-style food. It's so elegant.
Like look at this nice presentation. wonderful bread, a funny, retro pea salad, rich yogurt and fruit, hard and soft cheeses, and also a soft boiled egg in an egg cup (not pictured).
Here's a little scramble in an adorable descoware thingy.
Also, they have Nogne Saison, and Cantillon Iris, too. It's Portland. No big deal.
ADK recommended Bunk sandwiches (named for the Wire character), and it was also awesome. There was a line at two pm, but it moved fast.
That's a very rich tuna melt.
That's a very oily Italian cold cuts sandwich with delicious pickled peppers on it.
We also hit up the waffle window a couple of times. A savory waffle trend seems to be sweeping Portland and I'm all for it. We're talking a waffle with a slice of ham and melted gruyere on the top. We also had a sensational meal at Belly Timber, which is a dumb name, but I guess it's a Victorian term for food.
Another great thing about Portland, specifically southeast, is all the flowers and urban gardens. So much lavender and so many sunflowers.
Are these mums? they were as big as my head.


beckler said...

oh yeah, and thanks but no thanks for that thai recommendation, rick, that place was the WORST. well, we didn't actually eat the food because the poor man's ed begley who is the only front of the house employee let us sit there for no joke half an hour without even seeing a menu. also, the line at pok pok is too long so i still have not tried it.

DJ Rick said...

WHAAAAT!!?!?!...That sucks! That's the first time that recommendation every let anybody down. Too bad!

I'm glad you found Broder, though! That was certainly the best breakfast during our SMMR BMMR trip. Trout hash was sublime.

Hey...Anybody wanna go bombard the El Camino Real on Wednesday night? I know that the food's historically been dreadful there, but who can't love the idea of a Mexican place that looks like a ski chalet depicted in a 40-year-old Sunset mag?

There's new ownership, so maybe the food's improved? Probably not, but we can also see if they still pour the drinks stiffly and cheaply while munching on chips and salsa.

There's also an idea about that large foyer area adjacent to the bar and maybe an upcoming 2nd Saturday. If I can bring several people with me, it'll strengthen my case for bringing the good times there.

So, Wednesday's tomorrow? I know that Ed's down.

Captcha: tortma

Anonymous said...

Did you know that if you're in a bar driking Caldera Kolsch, playing Skee-Ball, watching Suspiria....that you just might be in Portland!


Patrick J. said...

Portland is yummy.

Anonymous said...

El Camino Real RULES. The decor is so good I don't even think about the food- as long as i only go there about twice a year.


the amBASSador said...

hey becky, funny we almost crossed paths last weekend. I'm sure scott mentioned we intersected at the record store (naturally). Scott mentioned that you guys just ate at Kenny & Zukes, so that's where Jamie and I went right after leaving the record store. I had the exact same thing you had!

Pok Pok is great! one of the few places you mentioned that I'd been to.

Next time check out Wild Abandon on Belmont. We had brunch there and it was super good.

see ya in sac sometime soon!