Wednesday, September 30, 2009


October 3rd (Saturday) is the annual Lambtown Festival in Dixon. Admission is a buck. I've never been, have any of you guys? I am planning to go, because it opens at 9am and that's the same day that I'll be going to Operation Restore Maximum 8, so it's pretty convenient. Mmm..lamb for breakfast. Actually, the new Saveur is all about lamb and a guy writes about how he used to eat raw lamb liver for breakfast as a child, minced with mint. Is he Turkish? Now I can't remember, of course.

JD, I need your help! Last night we went to Quan Nemh Ninh Hoa, and on the herb and veggie plate we got this amazing yellow pepper. It was so spicy and citrusy and perfume-y, it was crazy tasting. What is it?
We got banh beo, it was just OK. The noodle consistency was a little gummy and the fried bits on top tasted stale.
This was as noodle soup dac biet with pig liver, ground pork, shrimp, squid, pork meat, and a crab claw. It was really good, the noodles were delicious, perfect texture. Scott got the bun ca cha and it was the bomb, too. It had a chunk of pineapple in it!


Anonymous said...

First and only Lambtown I went to, my date Smitty had a mini seizure.

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

Oh what a day. I think it was about 118 degrees. I like the sheep shearers pants and the sheepdog trials. I do not like the lack of shade and Smitty trying to hog all of the attention.


Anonymous said...

sorry, no clue about that chile!


Anonymous said...

a lady jeanette pepper?


undercover caterer said...

Lambtown is very intriguing! Post pics, please--as I'm otherwise engaged with the HP neighborhood garage sale and possible pasta making with Dave.

April said...

Two words: mutton bustin'.

beckler said...

a lot of mutton bustin' already goes on around my house, so I'm pretty familiar with it.