Friday, March 05, 2010

two shows?

Remember when we had those dry years when there were hardly any venues and most good touring bands were skipping Sac and no younger people were starting bands? Thankfully those days are over but the consequence of that is that sometimes there are two-can you believe it?-two good shows on the same night. That's what's happening on Saturday. I'm going to the Knock Knock, Touchez, Lambs show at Luigis. Lambs are Aaron from Finches band. I've heard they are good. There is also a show at the Sol Collective with G. Green and Electric Jellyfish from Australia.


The Armeniac said...

Good time to be a music lover in Sac! Dude, I saw Dog Party last night and they rule, seriously. The drummer has a fantatsic voice, reminded me of Kim Deal. They had the best choruses I've heard in a while, including one that could've come straight from Miller's song book!! Every song had a sweet hook, and they're cute little kids, ridiculous!! Can't wait for the show at Luigi's!!!

fft said...

i'm not convinced the whole younger-people-starting-bands dry spell has ended, but the venue lack is being remedied. went to the new Sol Collective last night; that will be the spot this summer.

still, we need that mid-sized, bottom of the hill like venue. and venue isn't going to cut it. i read they're going to have a "star" from Jersey Shore as the main draw for their grand opening. yo.

DJ Rick said...

That show with the Aussie band and GGreen is not at The's at Sol Collective. That Aussie band is recommended for fans of The Scientists, Aussie bands in general, and early 80s Wipers. They are the best band I saw in 2008. I also saw Thee Oh Sees and Mayyors several times that year. Also, there's a band from Portland called The Whines on that show who are just beautiful, too. Kinda like if The Hunches had a female vocalist at times, and other times there's a more Velvet-y flavor.

Anonymous said...

The Lambs are awesome - Kelly has a killer voice. If you like Beach House, you will for sure dig them. If you don't, you probably will still like them.


Anonymous said...

Austin TX, 11/15/71.