Tuesday, August 03, 2010

crazy footage

Wow, have you guys seen this? It looks a lot older than '91 cuz of the film. Who are these dudes (and ladies)?

Well, actually if you watch till 0:10 on this video you can see who one of the dudes is. Hot stuff!


nick said...

I did some research once and Bobby Burns is like this legendary dude/drunk who used to hold an annual urban golf tournament in Midtown. That's all I got.

beckler said...

I remember him, I was just wondering who the dudes carrying him were besides Vanoni. Is Mark Miller in there? I thought maybe I saw him.

darin said...

It makes me feel a little bit sad (& old) to realize that there are people who don't know who Bobby Burns was.
Besides Vanoni, I think maybe one of the guys is Dan Prinz (Dutch Falconi guitarist), but I could be wrong. There's at least one other familiar face, but this was filmed before I moved to Sac. I'd expect Dutch to be in there somewhere, and other Stucco Factory folks.

Anonymous said...

i feel like one of those guys is bob staunton? charvey would know who all these people are


wburg said...

Met one of the organizers of the old Doo-Dah Parade via a mutual friend. Could be an idea worth bringing back next year, this time on public streets instead of alleys.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I look so fucking young and cute that you don't recognize me?
It's Vanoni, Zach Zagato, Bob Stanton, Scott Warnasch, Brian Gorman, Mark, me and Maryann. I am sure there are more, but I am not going to watch it again right now.

The 10th anniversary of Bobby's death is coming up in September.
We kept this float in my backyard (2315 K St, now the former True Love/ Sugar Plum) and sometimes in the middle of the night Bobby would come and gaze lovingly at it.

Oh, yup 91, I was 12.

Liv Moe said...

To this day one of my fondest Sacto moments was when you and I were serenaded by Bobby in that last apartment you lived in before Berkeley Gbomb. He was singing a Christmas carol but I don't remember which one. Alas...

Anonymous said...


He used to call me and Egner "The Girls From The Office". We were really the girls from I.Magnin, but he had the right idea.

Gbomb and the Ballerina! Interpretive dance! It's amazing that she was only 12.

-live, from the olden times.

beckler said...

oh shit gbomb, there you are, of course!

Anonymous said...

You know I think it had to be more like 93 or 94, now that I think about it. I didn't know the Ballerina in 91.

Oh, also there's Alex Azingadazam (I know that's not even close) and it's directed by the brilliant John Milne.