Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Finally, all can be revealed about the next Verge Movie Night.  Did you know that it's been a year since it started?  OK, yeah, at the time it was MidMo movie night and it was at the Hub (RIP), but the first one was on July 22nd and it was our Kenneth Anger Film Festival.  We made cool shirts that said Anger, we had a trivia contest, we did a weenie roast and failed miserably at selling any sodas.  Since then we've had triumphs and failures, we moved to the Verge, the Crest quarterly series started, John Milne came on board with his pro film setup, we've frozen, we've sweated, and it's been a ton of fun.

As a thank you to everyone who has attended, or as a welcome to new peeps who would like to attend, our next movie will be FREE.  Donations to Verge always accepted, or course, heh.  It will be a screening of Russ Meyer's Mudhoney so there will be BOOBS.  We may show a naughty stag film on 35 mm film if it's not too nasty.  We are going to have Sac Treats and Morant's weiners for sale CHEAP.  This movie is NOT ON NETFLIX.

Here are the deets:
Russ Meyer's Mudhoney
Thursday, August 18th
Verge Center for the Arts (625 S st)
7:30 pm

Help me remember, what were all the movie nights?
Kenneth Anger film festival and weenie roast - July 2010
August - El Topo
September - did we have one?
John Carpenter's The Thing - October 2010 (one of the least well-attended)
Shock Corridor - November 2010
December - Les Blank's - Garlic is as good as 10 mothers (so cool!)
Christo documentary - January 2011 (this was one of my faves!!, and where it really started to turn the corner in attendance and energy)
The Magic Christian - February 2011 (this was my personal least favorite movie, but I can't talk since I foisted All That Jazz on people)
All That Jazz - March 2011 (people hate jazz hands, how was I supposed to know?)
Chris and Don - May 2011 (a real tear-jerker)
Marwencol - June 2011

that brings us up to the present day.

I'm going to the fair today. What should I eat?  I am bummed on what is passing for brisket at the chuck wagon these days.


Liv Moe said...

I don't think there was one in September....

Also, I would like to personally thank everyone who soldiered through all of El Topo. I enjoyed it but I may have been the only one....

Anonymous said...

The People didn't go for "All That Jazz"?


Caroline said...

I am so horrified that All That Jazz wasn't a slamdunk. It's got so many levels of fucking amazing going on!

beckler said...

I was stoked on the people who were there, and interestingly, we got a few people who have ONLY turned up for Fosse, but it wasn't well-attended, especially in the context of the 2011 showings.

DB, when are you gonna come? Boobs on the big screen, c'mon.

Anonymous said...

Boobs on the big screen always make me come! Hey-o!


Ol' Man Foster said...

I told you guys that you should have showed Jolson's The Jazz Singer instead of All That Jazz.

Jeff M. said...

I felt guilty for only coming to only one of these screenings, but then I remembered my wife and I had a baby during this period. (New baby Alzheimer's, I guess)

Anyway, thanks for putting these on. I will be sure to attend again and cajole my friends to come along.


Patrick J. said...

It should be noted that Mudhoney was filmed out in Walnut Grove. Russ Meyer used to stay with my Grandparents out there. I've never seen this film, but my Grandpa had some slides of the filming, which I have seen. Apparently he burned a barn for one of Russ's movies. Anyways yeah, i'll be there.

wburg said...

I loved El Topo, and think there should be a followup of The Holy Mountain, but that's just me. Will blast out some space on the calendar for a Meyer flick, though.

beckler said...

I don't want anyone to attend out of guilt, only out of fun!

Patrick- could you dig up those slides??!?!?!?

Bill- yes, I think Holy Mountain is more entertaining and it could be a possibility for next year. We've got lots of big plans!

Anonymous said...

Foster, you spelled Neil Diamond wrong.


Jeff M. said...

Alas, I have't had fun since 1984, but point taken.


Lurch said...

Wait - what's wrong with Magic Christian? That's pretty great! Well, particularly after they get on the ship, but...