Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Appetite Enhancement

I finally got to experience what all the kids have been talking about: a hangover.  J.K., though it's kind of true (that Flying Dog porter at Bows is strong, but good), no I'm talking about karaoke at Old I on Tuesdays.  It was fun and I haven't been at Old I in forever.  I didn't get to sing (Kokomo) which I'm actually kind of glad about.  Who knows if I would have tried to bust some dance moves or something.  The Touchez/Wet Illustrated/Nacho Biznass show was fun.  Wet Illustrated were cute.  They all looked like they had been individually styled for an Urban Outfitters catalog.

Tomorrow is the Appetite Enhancement Ride.  It starts at the Towe Ford Museum at 9.  Larry is DJing as usual.  Will it rain this year?

Happy Thanksgiving! God bless us, every one.

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