Friday, November 18, 2011

so jealous

Man, I must admit that I'm a bit jealous of the Bows and Arrows blog these days.  It's really turning out some great content.  There's this post, which contains interviews with Calvin Johnson and MOM and serves to advertise their show tonight featuring both performers.  I'm so there.  Calvin gives a nice shoutout to the Bananas, among other local bands.

Then there's this post, which has an interview with Touchez.  Their show, with Wet Illustrated and Nacho Business is on Tuesday the 22nd.  So fun!  Bows Blog has been updating a lot, so check out the link at right.

Soo.....Michele Hebert's Living Library Q and A is this Sunday at Time Tested, 7 pm.  I'll be her interlocutor.  I just love using that word, although I don't know how to pronounce it.  You'll get to hear about Michele's perspective on wine, and you'll get to taste some wine at the end and we'll all talk about it.  You can ask her questions after.


beckler said...

aahhh!! so bored. help. when is the four eyes xmas show? where is it? is there a thanksgiving bike ride this year? when and where. thank you.

Skipper said...

interlocutor pronunciation

Anonymous said...

December 17th. The attic.

I've never bothered to point out my verification word but "vowesnot" is too good to let go unmentioned.