Sunday, November 13, 2011

remote post

Remote posting from DC! Courtesy of a coworkers laptop.

How bummed was I to arrive at the Sac airport at 6 am anticipating some Old Soul coffee only to wind up at the jank Terminal A and have to drink Starbucks?  So bummed.
 Last night I spent hours and wayyyy too much money at this bar, Churchkey (I accidentally ordered a 25 dollar calvados but then I got it taken off my bill.  It's a long story and I feel guilty, big surprise).  It's a craft beer bar with a cool selection.  They seem to specialize in gruit and gose, which are primitive beer styles that don't use hops (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).  They had a Bahnhof gose on draft!  Above is a gruit from Finland.  Churchkey also seems to specialize in Scandinavian brews, which is intriguing, but they are very expensive.
 This morning I hit up a farmer's market in Dupont Circle.  The eastern part of the U.S. really has us beat on apples, but that's about it.  Well, maybe culture.  Apples and culture.  fffff
 Crab cake for breakfast? Yes.
 Filter brews coffee by the cup, it's also right off Dupont circle.   I got a Peruvian cup.  And the little alternative weekly has a listing for...what's this?  Ganglians! I'm stoked to go on Tuesday night.

 crazy metro station
Nerds as far as the eye can see at the neuroscience meeting, which is the real reason I'm here.


Anonymous said...

Gruit = no hops. Gose has hops but they're typically not very evident. It's brewed with salt & coriander & is sometimes slightly tart like a Berliner Weisse.


Anonymous said...

ChurchKey + Ganglians = damn jealous!


Anonymous said...

also, TEN BUCKS for Ganglians!

(I keed, I keed)


Anonymous said...

whoa i was just at that same conference center a few weeks ago.

come to NYC!


Liv Moe said...

new post! new post! new post!