Thursday, November 10, 2011

best things

Best things in Easy Riders, Raging Bulls so far:

-Les Blank was a cameraman on Easy Rider
-Peter Fonda may have banged Karen Black and Toni Basil (who was in Easy Rider) at the same time (probably a lie)
-Warren Beatty in general, just existing
-Dennis Hopper tries to pull a knife on Rip Torn (who was cast to play the Nicholson character) and this exchange (after Rip Torn has already disarmed Hopper once):
Hopper: I've got a buck knife, you wanna have a knife fight?
Torn: I'll wait for you in the street.  Bring your guns.  Bring your knives.  Bring your pals, and we'll find out in about three seconds who the punk is.
-the number of joints Nicholson is constantly smoking


Anonymous said...

That is SUCH a great book!
-Compound Guy

Anonymous said...

Could you elaborate on your "Warren Beatty in general, just existing" comment?

Stephen Glass said...

Awesome book. Great anecdotes. And it kinda makes that era sound like the best ever in human history at times.

beckler said...
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beckler said...

well, he's kinda cheesy but also handsome (duh) and has the best taste in ladies - in the first 30 pages of the book he's dated Leslie Caron, a Russian ballerina and Julie Christie. The cream of the crop.

It's funny to read about Beatty being so pissed about how bad the sound is on McCabe and Mrs. Miller. I've tried multiple times and just can't get into that movie. All that mumbling makes me fall asleep a hundred times when I watch it. I wish I could see it on the big screen