Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ruhstaller event

I can't go, but there's a Ruhstaller event next Tuesday at Mulvaney's.  You can try this revived historical brewery's beers and eat snack prepared by Mulvaney.  It's only 22 bucks!  Here's the event page.  Here's a description of the beers:
Ruhstaller "1881" California Red Ale: made with a rare 100% California Select Two-Row Barley
Ruhstaller Hop Sac '11: a Small Batch, Fresh-Hopped Ale using Marty and Claudia Kuchinski's  Clear Lake, CA estate grown Centennial and Ivanhoe hops


Anonymous said...

Free beer with $22 paid?


beckler said...

I believe so. It's 22 online, 30 at the door, and the proceeds go to benefit some unnamed charity.