Thursday, January 19, 2012

gripe of the day is back

So my dentist is really into gadgets and he has a high-tech photo setup, which leads to him forcing me to look at pictures of my teeth all drilled to shit, while they are currently like that.  It sucks! I want to say no thanks but I don't know how.  He's convincing me that I need the fillings, but I believe him! Gripe of the day!!!!

 Thanks for the spaetzle maker Skipper!!!! Works like a champ.  This is spaetzle (with a little wheat flour thrown in) Morant's weisswurst, and carrots and onions.
I finally made the bread that America was in love with a few years ago, that 24 hour no-knead bread.  Now that I have a deep cast-iron pot with a lid, it was a snap.  It sure is pretty.  I confess I haven't tried a piece yet.  However, like many things that are supposed to be "easier" (like pancake mix), making the no-knead bread is basically the same amount of hassle as knead bread, minus the 10 minutes of kneading that is a pretty Zen, pleasant activity.  But maybe it tastes better because of the time involved.  I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath to know what I think.

Did I mention I'm one of the judges of the bacon contest on Sunday?  Would it be funny if I wear a lab coat?


Anonymous said...

I can't get my family to eat sausage, but it looks like a great dinner staple. I'd probably go a little bit tacky by using egg noodles and canned lentil soup.


Anonymous said...

Lab coat!


beckler said...

from the Bows blog:
Arrington de Dionyso (from Olympia, WA) and Larkin Grimm (from New York) are currently touring the country, and will be stopping at Bows during the last leg of their journey. This tour was inspired by Arrington’s recent trip to Indonesia. “I performed a series of pieces that I wrote in the Indonesian language based on poems of William Blake and ancient texts of Jewish mysticism,” said Arrington. “I also did several collaborations with traditional ‘trance music’ ensembles called Kuda Lumping. This entire trip was a dream come true, so I’m hoping to share some of that inspiration in these performances on tour!

Translation for the 99%: I am rich.

BTW, this is not to bag on him. He could still be good.