Friday, January 20, 2012


YEahhhhh! This is rad.  Did you get your record yet?  Copies at Phono Select.

Baconfest weekend?!?!? I don't think there will be any bacon at the Verge party, though.  It's shaping up to be fun weekend, right guys? I am bringing my labcoat and a clipboard for the judging.  but i might not wear them.

That Verge membership thing is a good deal.  I'll have to sign up. Here are the deets:


BECOME A MEMBER!!! Starting at tomorrow's night party, Verge will be launching it's year-long membership program. In addition to all the benefits listed below, we will be throwing in a FREE, LIMITED EDITION, TOTE or T-SHIRT, designed by Interval Press!

Individual: $40
Student/Artist: $30 (please present valid student ID)

      • Pre-registration for classes and workshops
      • Members only discount for classes and workshops
      • Members only discount to Verge's annual events
      • VIP passes to exclusive preview parties
      • 2 free passes for one Verge film program screening at the Crest Theatre (value: $30)
      • Free limited edition tote bag
Yes, YOU, are the best artist!

Look for our membership table at the party and sign up!!!!


Anonymous said...

I spoke to Clay and he says there is ample time to stop by Pangaea Two Brews for Jason Azevedo's #BaconFest menu (bacon marmalade grilled cheese, bacon nachos with bier cheese sauce, bacon sampler, pork belly three ways, cider braised pork belly, $4.50 IPAs) and also catch all of the Verge bands/party.

Pangaea starts at 4PM.


talkaboutcharles said...

wait, wait wait. This is RAD:

Did you get your copy yet?

Charles Albright

Cody said...

This is going to sound weird if it's NOT true, but I heard somewhere that Slumberland is putting out an English Singles record? Did I just dream that up?

Anonymous said...

In March?


Anonymous said...

March 2014.


beckler said...

In the year 2525. If man is still alive.

Anonymous said...

This Danish sandwich haunts me.


Anonymous said...

I hear Sucks is getting back together to play a show with Rad.

Ninja said...

Saturday 4 eyes are playing fox and goose. Probably at the same time as the verge thing. Also it will probably be raining. And I'm still sick. And it's no longer Xmas.

So, yeah, fox and goose Saturday, a night to remember.