Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Opposite world review

Oh sure, everyone else make a gueuze joke and it's funny, I make one and it kills the comment thread.  I see how it is.

Ugh, Shame at the Crest.  Two giant dongs down as far as I'm concerned.  I have never seen a movie screech to a stop like Shame does when Carey Mulligan slowly sings New York New York in tight close up. I sat there trying to mentally teleport myself out of the theater.  Funny quote from David Edelstein about it:
 “Watching Carey Mulligan slowly torture 'New York, New York' to death,” wrote David Edelstein, ”I passed the time writing my Opposite World review: 'Mulligan strips away the song’s facile optimism and lays bare her heartbreaking need for affirmation. Devastating!'”

 The Four Eyes also played a gid on Saturday while the Vergestravaganza was going on.  They opened with a rage jam and played classics such as "back to school", while Charles and I fought over whether Back To School or Less Than Zero came out first.  He was right, it was Back To School.  He knew because he could precisely date the Slayer song on the Less Than Zero soundtrack.
 Here's the bread I made from that Moore's flour.
 Pretty dense and didn't rise that much, but that's understandable for an all wheat flour loaf.  I missed the Lautner doc to make this, but doesn't it kind of look like a Lautner house?  Coincidence?
 Here's the fish sauce chicken. I guess it looks fugly in this picture.  But it was delish!


Anonymous said...

LOL at rage jam.


Anonymous said...

Nice child's pose, Mr. Chicken!


beckler said...

Freudian slip: raga jam

ninja said...

next show we'll have to cover "bulls on parade" just so we can have a 'rage jam'

I thought the Fox and Goose was awesome as far as a venue goes. Why isnt it used more for shows (or atleast ones we'd go to/play)?

Anonymous said...

Rage jam at the Fox and Gueuze. Book it!

Anonymous said...

I can "slayer date" any movie.

Charles Albright

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, I was the only making those gueuze jokes, and they weren't funny.


Anonymous said...

Clearly we knew they weren't funny.


Anonymous said...

I think I lost everyone with the "Just One of the Guys" reference. Hasn't anyone else paused...er, watched that movie?