Wednesday, January 04, 2012

picture post

Picture post! After the jump

 I made pimento cheese to take to a holiday party.  You start with a shit-ton of sharp cheddar.
 Mix it with a ton of mayo, pimentos, and worchestershire and cayenne.  I kind of used Craig Clairborne's recipe (via undercovercaterer) but didn't add scallions.
 It's real ugly but tastes real good.
 Thanks Heather K.!  How nice to have fruit trees.
 The grilled cheese from Magpie.  They make it with sage cheddar and the housemade pickles are fucking good, but I like how the grilled cheese at Fat Face has a sharper cheese.  Without that tang, a grilled cheese can just be too damned unctuous.  I used the word I hate.

 The meanest present of all.

 It closes soon, but if you haven't already, I recommend a trip to see the Clayton Bailey show at the Crocker, especially with kids.  There's interactive stuff including a build-your-own-robot station.
 The show is silly but really fun.
 You know what's better than working? Making bread.
 Know what else?  Making Meyer lemon marmalade.
 My best day working is worse than my worst day baking.
 These are spotty from salt and olive oil on top.  I made the white bread recipe from Joy Of Cooking, and also the wheat bread recipe from the Laurel's Kitchen cookbook.  They were both good.
 This was the New Year's eve feast. Thanks everyone!  I did not make anything on this plate.
 New Year's Eve shoes.
 The next day we met an elf on the beach.
 Then the elf and this deadhead guy spread some vibes.

 Masullo last night, the Elisa was off the chain.  Look at that PERFECT crust!  The salami was like licking a pig and the tomatoes tasted so fresh.

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undercover caterer said...

1. Those shoes are insane.
2. I also made pimiento cheese--for Xmas. It was tasty and as usual, people went apeshit for it. Damn Craig Claiborne, he knew what he was doing.
3. The Elisa is still my favorite.