Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I love LA

Just got back from L.A.  It was so fun.  That town sure has some good grub.  I didn't take many pictures.  Celebs spotted: Busy Phillips (from Freaks and Geeks! I was thrilled), Kirsten Dunst (with one of the Rodarte sisters), Frodo, Kelly Osbourne, David Arquette, and then a whole bunch of TV people (Topher Grace, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Heard? Don't know who that is).  Sully tried to bum a cig off Frodo, but he ignored him.  A few pictures after the jump

 Have you ever heard that John Denver song with the line "poodles on my shoulder make me cry"?
 This is a Ramos Fizz at Musso and Franks.  I love fizzes!!!!!!
 Ha.  This is a "hearts of lettuce" salad at Musso and Franks.  More like head of lettuce salad.
 New York steak and fries.  Musso and Franks rules! But it is NOT CHEAP.  Go there for the history and the cute tiny waiters.
 This is the sapporo miso ramen at Ton Chan Ramen in San Gabriel.  Fucking phenomenal.  It really made me realize that I have been eating some mediocre ramen lately (Hokkaido I am talking to you).  Gotta go to Shoki soon.
This dish was a dream come true because I never get enough ikura when I order nigiri.  Man, except for the driving and traffic I love L.A. so much.  LACMA is great, and I got to see some Maloof furniture at the beautiful Huntington Gardens.  And see good friends.


Caroline said...

That's weird, because Busy Phillips is one of my only LA celeb sightings ever!

beckler said...

It gets weirder: we saw her early in the day at LACMA, and then she was at the awards ceremony we stumbled across at Union Station. I did not see her there, but basically I was in the same location as her twice in the same day.

Anonymous said...

Someone should give her a nickname that means "does a lot of things".


beckler said...