Monday, January 30, 2012


Things I recently learned that I hate:
Stu and the Negro Problem (thanks NPR for making me listen to the worst song ever)
The Miranda July movie The Future (it stopped playing 45 minutes in and I didn't even care) these two things are very alike in my mind

Things I love: day drinking at Shady Lady
a good Ramos Fizz
posting our horrible couch for free on craigslist and having someone come pick it up!

What about you? Any loves/hates? That question is so lame that I'm kind of joking.


beckler said...

you know what else I hate?: the southern food trend. It's everywhere in food writing. Southern food is good, but it's all terrible for you, and compared to many other types of cuisines it's pretty bland, starchy, and spiceless. Cayenne is like the only spice, and there aren't many herbs used. Boring.

Anonymous said...

I was sad when The Future froze. It was fun to hate.


Captcha: brewant.

Snufkin said...

RE: Souther Food The current fascination with pimento cheese is kind of odd. Like making a Kickstarter funded documentary is a little over the top for something that's a comfort food you eat with your elderly relatives.

It's too bad with the general Paula Deen type schtick, that people overlook most interesting/complicated part of Southern food, which is the forced introduction of African culture/history into New World. Not just Southern/Creole food, but the spectrum Caribbean and Latin American. Again, not always healthy, but there's a great cookbook from Chronicle Books called Soul & Spice that covers the ethnography & history. But talking about colonialism and slavery in the context of comfort food is probably a lot more uncomfortable than just reverting to some Paula Deen "hey ya'll!" schtick.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of and annoyed by a certain aspect of the snout to tail thing. I'm all for not wasting any part of the animal. Isn't that common sense? And I'm all for trying new things.
But people getting all sanctimonious about how snout to tail is "honoring the noble animal" really irritates me. I'm not at all a vegetarian (I just typed 'vagitarian'! new term?) and am not up in arms about killing the animal. It's just that I don't think the pig really gives a shit if you're honoring it or not. Like is he thinking "well, it sucks they killed me, but, hey, at least they're making really good food out of me."

And maybe that's not a real strong argument, I admit. I'm just tired of food people acting self-righteous about it. The plain fact is the animals are killed so you can eat them. And wasting food isn't a good thing. But I don't think there's anything particularly noble about it. It comes off as smug to me.


Anonymous said...

I'm of the feeling that hogs like being butchered, as long as you're respectful about it.

I loved "The Future", but I can respect your totally wrong opinions.


Caroline said...

my LOVE for the weekend is The Red Shoes, which i saw again this weekend, and it's so good. even DP cried, and that man (surprisingly) never cries at movies!

beckler said...

MikeRMike is a well known vagitarian.

down with southern food! I'll look for soul and spice at the davis library.

beckler said...

I just hate Miranda July's stupid face. The DVD froze just as she revealed her bare butt! That was a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Miranda July really captures the scared/perplexed stare that defines our generation.


Anonymous said...

Re: JD hates the smug.

Andrew Potter points out that enclave trends such a snout to tail eating are usually the result of an authenticity arms race. For example, buying organic food was once the gold standard for the environmentally-conscious shopper, then WalMart began selling organic produce. Afterwards, buying organic no longer earned you a merit badge. You had to buy locally produced food.

One feels like a bit of a cad for pointing this out, because there seems to still ve a good deal of idealism behind these trends. However, unless a trend can be scalable to the population at large, it's really not much different than any other kind of conspicuous consumption pattern.


Anonymous said...

I hate that I once saw Miranda July making out with Calvin Johnson. total ick.

Anonymous said...

And I love kittens and rainbows.

beckler said...

you saw the most olympia thing ever!!!!

I would love to see The Red Shoes on the big screen. Or the Red Shoes Diary. I'm easy.

undercover caterer said...

I love Southern food, but c'mon the whole soul part of 'soul food' is making it at home and sharing with friends/family. I don't want to eat it at high faultin' restaurants making it all gourmet and shit. And lord knows it shouldn't be bland. Read Edna Lewis if you haven't already.

And the new Bon Appetit? Barf.

beckler said...

I know! It sucked. I'm sick of reading about Husk. I hate when the food press picks one restaurant that they ALL write about incessantly (Animal, Noma, Momofoku). There's a world full of restaurants out there, guys!!!

My word verification is "pichwoo", that reminds me of an episode of M.A.S.H. where Father Mulcahey references "pitching woo" when he means "doing it"