Monday, June 18, 2012

I like motocross. Who knew?

I went to see Luis Palau this weekend and my writeup will be in this weeks SNR. It was a'ight (I can feel Scott cringing as I write this.  Now that we're married we're connected like that) The motocross RULED

I was reading people and would like to share with you the difference between my wedding and Matthew McConaughey's wedding. Yes, I just talk about weddings now:
1) I did not supply the guests with African robes to lounge in.
2) I didn't have custom coozies that said "don't mess with Texas"
3) No Woody Harrelson dancing up a storm (I feel that he and Joel would find some common interests
4) I did not have Guy Fieri cooking BBQ the next day.  This is a point in my favor.

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Anonymous said...

Motocross is pretty damn neat.


The Armeniac said...

Motocross rulz!! It's really fun!!

beckler said...

they started pumping some jam that was a mix of immigrant song and public enemy