Friday, June 29, 2012


Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Just interviewed King Tuff!! He is nice!! I was nervous.  I hate how my smart phone goes dead in between people talking, you know what I mean? That dead air that makes conversation awkward? My awesome old dumb phone was more like a land line in that it did not do that.

English Singles were good last night.  Sophia's is a funny scene.  It's a real meat market inside.  The promoter dude is very cool.  Direct message to Knock Knock: if you wanna play there, you should probably just email him.  He likes you and would probably put you on a show, plus he remembers that show you were on with Dreamdate had more people than he expected.

Tomorrow is Mantles.  If as many people as RSVP'ed on FB show up there are going to be too many to get in.  Luckily, we all know a FB RSVP means very little.

Sunday is Scouse Gits, the band with OMB, Tristan, Alex Shrugg and Stan. It's at 6pm at Press Club.


beckler said...

oops, OMF

beckler said...

OMF was the only other Sacramentan that crossed the pond for the show, besides the folks in the band. Understandable.

beckler said...

aahhhhh! now I texting king tuff. I know he's just a dude, but he's just about my favorite musical dude.

Anonymous said...

I did want you to ask about when he got punched by the guy from Mastadon, but apparently you didn't get my psychic message. I'll use my words next time.

Now I am trying to think of what OMB stands for.

Anonymous said...

don't forget herm crossed the pond too


Anonymous said...

OMB stands for Original Moody Blues. The next time you watch a PBS telethon look closely for the OMB badges on the band members and you'll know who was there from the beginning.

Sorry I missed the Singles (the band) last night, but someone took awhile to get to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Re: "Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Just interviewed King Tuff!! He is nice!!"

This chain of sentences has the illocutionary force of a star-struck gush, so the suggestion that Tuff is on the tender side needn't necessarily be backed up by concrete detail.

We understand that the blogger/journalist does not address the blueberry directly, but we will be interested to see if she has space in her article to explain (or at least gesture towards) what makes the King rule. We hear the sexy Bolan that crops up in his voice occasionally, and that's nice, but otherwise nothing much else distinguishes him for us. We should add that the blogger/journalist is hardly alone in her adoration for this "musical dude."

Nice to talk to you all again. See you whenever.


beckler said...

I counted Herm as a dude in the van, plus I wasn't sure if it was kosher to call him "Herm" of if I had to say "steve".

DJ Rick said...

I woulda gone last night, too, but I stuck around for the 2nd round on the NBA draft, and my elation over the Kings' first selection was totally whippy-chipped by the Magoofs trading their 2nd pick for cash. I'm sure they need it more than the team needs a new small forward.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it closer to the truth to say that it was your "sesh" over the Kings' first selection was totally whippy-chipped?


Anonymous said...

steve is ok too. either way he is a van dude

DJ Rick said...

Come on, ----W....You should know I don't partake in the seshingtons!