Friday, June 22, 2012


Had a reliably stellar dinner at Masullo the other night, including splitting the lemon posset (a kind of British pudding - Masullo serves it with a cap of cava gelee and a tiny oatmeal cookie) and his famous ice cream sandwich, also with oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream.

He said he's had an uptick in business since the mention by the most well-respected pazzaiolo in the U.S. (Chris Bianco) named him as one of his top picks.  Masullo's is about to be four years old and it's about damn time that people give him the respect her deserves.  Pizza of that caliber is very hard to pull off, certainly no other Neopolitan-style place in Sac comes close.

English Singles and Knock Knock at the ToHo tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what time the show starts?


Anonymous said...

Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks internet!


The Armeniac said...

Masullo is great stuff, better than any pizza up here in a food mecca.

veri word-greenom I guess that's code for weed brownies?

DJ Rick said...

Then again, some guy selling MDMA could be an 'e monger'. Isn't it always about drugs in PDX? Speaking of pizza in PDX, what about Apizza Scholls?