Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Have you guys heard the news about Rachel Leibrock and Nick Miller being co-editors of the SNR (of course you have it's all over FB)?  I am really psyched about this.  I heard rumblings for a long time that there would be someone brought in from out of town to do this and I think that would have been a big mistake.  This is great.

Mike C.'s birthday Leap In The Dark is tonight, and I heard there is a hot dog eating contest hence barfing. Or booting as I have recently learned that the frat boys call it.

I went to see the Cap Stage play How I Learned to Drive last night and it is stellar.  This is the last weekend to catch it.  It made me cry, it made me think, it's got some comedic parts but I can't say they really made me laugh.  According to the play notes (written by their excellent dramaturge, Stephanie Tucker) the playwright was thinking of it as Lolita written from the nymphet's point of view, which I totally get and which is made clear in the scene that made me cry, which mirrors the comics reading scene in Lolita.  If you've read it you remember that scene.  The relationship between the abuser and the abusee is very complex and there are real feelings on both sides; it's not as simple as a leering creep and a victim.  My only beef (and I think B Street is a big offender on this point, Cap Stage usually isn't) is that the current parts are set in 1988 by my calculations and the star is wearing a completely modern outfit.  Wrong jeans, wrong shoes. 


ninja said...

Excellent news about the SNR.

Sacramento Punk Shows said...

saw How I learned to Drive thursday night and also LOVED it. Thought they pulled off a very complicated dynamic exceptionally well -- reminded me of how phenomenal Cap Stage (and particularly Stephanie Gularte) can be. On the way home my wife made almost exactly the same comment about how they got the clothes -- in particular, the jeans, totally wrong for a female teenager in the 60's

beckler said...

that's so cool you saw it, too. well here's the thing: this is all narrated by the woman when she is 38, and although the other people in the cast do a lot of quick changes (except uncle peck), hers is consistent, although she goes through big changes as far as how her character is speaking and behaving. sooo..if she was born in 1950 (age 12 in 1962) then when she is 38, as the narrator says she is, it should be 1988

Sacramento Punk Shows said...

honestly, I didn't even notice the jeans thing til my wife and then you mentioned it -- what worked so well for me was how she was able to totally take on the different ages convincingly -- and the fact that she didn't really leave the stage/spotlight for nearly 2 hours made it even more impressive. I also really thought the Uncle Peck guy did a wonderful job of being alternately/simultaneously lovable and icky

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