Monday, June 25, 2012

photo post

First things first: English Singles are playing at Sophia's in Davis on Thursday.  It is currently a two band show, starting at 830 and maybe Singles are first?  My point is, this is a rad place to see a show and it will be over early.  The stage is outside on the patio.  You can get sugary drinks at Sophia's, or delicious brew at Davis Beer Shoppe.  If anyone will join me, I will go drink a Wicky Wacky Woo at Bernardo.

Photo post after the jump, which includes some of the best photos that man (or mankind or womynkynd) has ever seen:

English Singles at the ToHo.  Despite my hatred for the ToHo, this show was bangin' and the sound was excellent.  If you click on the photos they are a bit better.  Hey, whaddya want? It was dark in there.

I tried to capture the guest Knockers but they were dancing so much that they were a blur.  OK, are you ready for the best thing?  I found the Wasted Party poster that I made, way back before Photoshop.  It was for Ben and Michele's bachelor/ette, which makes it how many years ago? Not sure.  I'm presenting it in quadrants, with some key closeups.

Look, we ripped it up together long before we dated, and now we're ripping it up until death do us part.

I still regret that I was not invited to this.  Limo to Foster's Bighorn for Mike C.'s birthday.
Miller's costume predated his intense love of reggae.
This is when NH was Anna Nicole Smith and TU was her little dog.

Proof that AM has been making this photo face for a long time. Does anyone have any baby pictures where he makes it?

MRM was not stoked that he had his own corner.  But whatever, he's so photogenic!
I believe that neither of these dudes drank at the time, so this is totally simulated wastedness.
JBB as Rod. Hot stuff.

I also came across one of my early photoshop masterpieces.  My skills have not progressed since this time.I have no memory of this party, but I'm sure it was fun.  It was when DP, DB and I lived in that 11th and U house.

Busy weekend.  Finally some shows! Including Mantles on Saturday!!!!  G. Green at Wunderbar, formerly the G st pub.  They are now 86ed due to playing too loud.  The funny thing is that Skinner and Kristy's metal band was up next.  I imagine they are 86ed too.  Oh yeah, this was part of the Davis Music Festival.

Fine Steps played sooooo much later than every other band.  We waited forever and there were only maybe 8 people watching but you know what?  They were so fucking good and I was so glad I stayed.  I guess they were on the King Tuff show and now they're not?  Harlow's doesn't even have the fucking show on their website, that is so lame.
This guy is my favorite guitarist.  He is moving to SF which makes me sad.  The Ganglians are now scattered to the wind.  I remember when they were youngsters, and some of them had never even been on a plane. Times change.
Sunday afternoon at Shady Lady.  This is a cilantro smash.  Cilantro, yellow chartreuse, tequila and citrus.  Good, but it still bugs me that bartenders use citrus as such a crutch.


Natalie Rose said...

God the flyer is so good. the close up of Al and I in the pool might be my favorite picture ever.

I also like this post ends with me drinking. Still ripping it up.

Just a lot slower and classier.


beckler said...

I can't believe that I'm not getting more comments on the best photos known to mankind. You got man walking on the moon, that guy getting shot in Vietnam, and these photos. I bet THOSE photos got blog comments in their day.

P.S. is there any such thing as a "light" spray tan?

Natalie, since you're the only one commenting I will toss this question to you

Natalie Rose said...

Sadly my spray tan consultant is in Tampa. But I would guess there is.
I have seen it real light. Smells a bit weird though.

I just want to keep commenting on those photos.

Such as: My Anna Nicole face was perfect, less funny since the woman died though.

DJ Rick said...

These photos make me wish I was more outgoing during the years I was commuting to Loft shows from Davis straight after work in my dress clothes. Looks like you guys needed a designated driver. You guys all looked nice, cool, friendly....But I was still sensing some sorta gulf between Sacto and Davis. I think it was at least partly a mental block put there by other Davis people.

Anonymous said...

Is that Jay as Nicky Wire? BEST PICTURES EVER.


Anonymous said...

pictures smictures- you hate the Townhouse?


Shannon said...

I feel like I've seen a light spray tan before that looked good and not fake. Helpful, I know.

The Armeniac said...

Soooo good!! I love the shit outa that flyer!! Both flyers!! And yes, Danny and I were hella faking it!! if you found the 'blank does is it /in/with blank' list my life would be complete!

beckler said...

It might be in the basement. I wish I held on to more stuff in my life. Smiller has heard me bemoan the throwing out of my high school morrissey tshirts like a million times, so after this I will retire this complaint (the jersey will always hang in our den, though). I had the one with Harvey Keitel on the front! I had a bootleg one with shirtless Morrissey!

The ToHo is grimy and AN fell down the stairs because they are unlit and painted black. Good thinkin' ToHo. I pretty much only like house shows and the Hub and Bows so I am weird I guess.

beckler said...

I had this one

oh awesome I can buy the shirtless one back for 150. I am seriously considering it. Scott would probably say half just so I would shut up. It's XL though and mine was M. Are you guys asleep yet?

this one is the worst, doesn't even look like him

beckler said...

oops, pay half, not say half

The Armeniac said...

I'll scan yr letter to Morrissey tomorrow so you can show the world how much he really meant to you:)

beckler said...

no, please don't! i'm serious.

Anonymous said...

The Salford Lads Club photo is the one you want on a tshirt. AR's nuthuggers matches SPM's chin perfectly. It's like a golden ratio or something.

The Armeniac said...

Unless there's a raging demand from the heckasac readership!