Monday, June 04, 2012

tired of vacation photos

I am kind of tired of vacation posts. You probably are, too. I still have to get to the fjords, though. Those were cool. Maybe tomorrow
Let's talk about Bows brunch! Here is the chef.  He said these were Mario Batali brand crocs, but maybe he was joking?
brunch attender
chilaquiles with poached eggs. I found out after I ordered that you can get an egg AND black beans if you choose.  Gabe made the chips and salsa and they were both excellent.  I also liked the corn and cotija cheese.  They also have Temple coffee and bloody beers, etc.
Natalie got eggs benedict.  It comes with bacon and asparagus
I walked around a lot yesterday.  Just feeling it.  This may be my favorite tree in sac.  It might not be obvious since it's backlit, but it's a palm that is completely blanketed in blooming trumpet vines.  And as you can see, it's like 3/4 stories tall.


beckler said...

I meant 3 or 4

P.S. 2 joints up for the Bob Markey documentary! See it even if you don't like Bob Marley. It's worth it just for the old footage of Jamaica

yolkie said...

Those are Mario Batali crocs. A ridiculous yet useful Christmas gift from yours truly.

The Armeniac said...

I was just wondering if that Rock the Light hat is getting much use! Gabe, always comin through!

Anonymous said...

Crock the Light!