Friday, June 14, 2013

dick jokes

Ugh graduation day at Davis. So much traffic.  It's pretty cute how excited everyone is.  Before they find out that they probably can't do shit with a BA in their chosen field.  I know from working with volunteers in my old lab that many many of them think they will go on to be doctors and I think we had 1 in ten years, and he went to med school in the Carribean.  Which reminds me of this movie I loved as a kid and had forgotten about until 25 seconds ago. I had a crush on Steve Guttenberg.

Went to a comedy competition at Laughs Unlimited in Old Sac last night.  Very interesting.  Way fewer dick jokes than you usually get at Bows open mic, maybe because these pros don't necessarily have to go for the cheap laughs. Not a single woman in a 20 dude lineup.  Anyhoo, Ray Molina won and he deserved it.  My favorite local, Stephen Ferris did OK, but I learned that he is way better in a small room.  His overall funny demeanor did not come through.  He got big laughs from the comedians in the back, though.  Comedian's comedian.

Freigeist brewer and brews at Pangaea tonight.  Typically for Pangaea they have not posted the start time, so I guess just go at brew thirty. 

This show tomorrow! Insane lineup! Insane fun! Love that there is a schedule
8:00pm until 11:00pm
  • above the noodle factory, 10th street between R and Q, Sacramento, Ca.
  • with DJ Mike C
    House show bands will play as scheduled:
    MWHWW 8:45
    Vasas 9:30
    English Singles 10:15
    plus an advanced screening of Kenneth Vaughn's new film "As long as there is plenty" right before English Singles


    beckler said...

    I thought an iphone would change my life but it's just a phone and I can't figure out how to log into any of my accounts on it anyway and I hate that the browser is safari

    yolkie said...

    My least favorite question of all time is, "When do you (or they) play?" There is never any good indication of when someone plays. I am in love with the fact that this show has a schedule. We should all really start doing this for shows.

    Anonymous said...

    download Chrome browser

    Anonymous said...

    damn, entitled much?

    Snufkin said...

    You can get Chrome from the App Store and change the Settings to have the open as the default browser on your phone. It works much better than Safari.

    Ha, Caribbean medical schools. When I lived there, even the locals would warn you to never ever go to a doctor trained at one of those places because they were terrible. The one closest to were I lived had a student protest because of the failure to procure corpses for anatomy lab. However I have been to the one in Grenada that Reagan invaded, but that was to go eat in the cafeteria. If you want to get really bottom barrel, try the islands where it's an offshore vet school.

    beckler said...

    aha! thanks for the chrome advice.

    where did you live?

    entitled to the same phone that many people have? That lowers the price of my plan that is already pretty cheap? entitled to a browser that I find user friendly? oh troll you got me

    Snufkin said...

    St Lucia and Antigua. Antigua is where the expat medical students were striking because they'd been promised actual dead bodies to work on. Just earlier this year I was out at Sierra College & noticed a flier for Ross University, which is one of the offshore vet schools (in St Kitts). My impression from the students I met is that a lot of them came from families (especially if the parents had immigrated to the US or Canada) where the expectation was that one of your kids becomes a doctor.

    Anonymous said...

    Freigeist event is 6-9pm.


    Anonymous said...

    the cheap gun joke in that trailer is frickin priceless! alan arkin TLA.